View Full Version : Kandi car has no charger, but removable pack

07 December 2010, 0813
Lead acid batteries ugh...


Square Wave
07 December 2010, 0911
This is just how I imagine electric vehicles will work in the US. If it isn't one of the gas companies that gets in the act it will be Walmart or some other huge company that is everywhere. This gives the battery manager (I think they should lease the batteries and the consumer would never have to worry about the batteries wearing out) the ability to offer different grades of battery just like they offer different grades of gas now. I think it's a fantastic marketing opportunity but only for a well established company or group of companies.

07 December 2010, 0921
I don't think battery swapping will fly here, if the end user doesn't have the opportunity to top off the pack with plug-in charging.

It's rare that people drive their ICE vehicle until it is completely out of gas. If you fill up at 1/2 a tank, no biggie. But if you go in for a battery swap at 50%DOD, "a battery swapping system that's comparable to a quick fill-up with $3 gasoline" becomes the equivalent of a quick fill-up with $6 gasoline.