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08 December 2010, 1607
I have a soft spot in my memory about the Vectrix scooter. It was the first EV that I ever rode. It was large and heavy, but seemed to perform well and on a short ride on the freeway it had no trouble getting up to 60 mph. I know they went broke a couple of years ago and then were bought out for pennies on the dollar by an investment group who seem to be going to do something with the company. But since then I haven't heard a thing. As I recall there was an announcement that BMW was going to use some of their technology in a prototype EV, but I think that idea may have fizzled.

Does anyone know what has happened to the Vectrix firm since then? Just curious.

08 December 2010, 1609
I think there was a post on visforvoltage.org just yesterday that says they're almost back in business after securing all the necessary licencing and manufacturing requirements.


08 December 2010, 1635
I beleive Gold Peak of Hong Kong / Singapore bought them out.
Looks like a relaunch in 2011 ..


08 December 2010, 1901
I beleive Gold Peak of Hong Kong / Singapore bought them out.
Looks like a relaunch in 2011 ..


Yep. Spoke with them at the Battery Show in San Jose a couple of months ago. I'm also in contact with the local Vectrix dealer here in LA. Last I spoke with him he was starting to see a little movement again.

08 December 2010, 1915
Thanks everyone. It will be good to see Vectrix return. This time the market should be a little more favorable than it was when they were first introduced. I hope that they can get some good dealers this time. Initially, they picked a car dealer in SF and after the initial promotion of the scooter they lost interest. And then they picked up BMW of Marin, who went broke earlier this year. I think Scuderia West was selling them, but I don't know how many they sold before the supply and interest dried up. When selling EVs you have to be prepared to stick with the product and promote it for some time. No one is going to make a quick buck off of electric two-wheelers.

09 December 2010, 0941
We gave Vectrix a call when we were starting the biz and told them about the all-electric motorcycle shop we wanted to open. The Vectrix rep told us we were doing it all wrong and that we need to first start with the gas bikes and then add the electric bikes to our line up. I guess that must have worked out really well for them because their bankruptcy followed shortly after that.

19 December 2010, 2208
I would love to see Vectrix return.

IMHO, the HEFTY price tag killed Vectrix.

They wanted 12k for their original VX-1. That's a "no can do" for most people. You can get a new car for that... or a WHOLE LOT OF GAS. That was a dealbreaker.

Worse, a regular gas scooter would get most folks something competitive in price economy for fuel... for maybe 2 grand.

If they relaunch, and I hope they do... I'd like to see a more reasonable price tag. 12k isn't exactly in the budget for most folks.

19 December 2010, 2257
Vectrix was another company with a good product but a poor biz model (or bad management or both). That's ironic they told you (Harlan) to sell gas bikes first. If they weren't able to evangelize their own product, who did they expect would...

Hopefully Gold Peak will be able to put out a competitively priced scooter. It'll be interesting to see whether they go after the small scooter market or super scooters.

20 February 2011, 1620
I just posted an update on Vectrix on my site with what i could find:

I have an email in to them... will report when (if) I hear back. :cool:

21 February 2011, 0714
More Vectrix stuff: a 3 wheel unit unveiled in November at a Law Enforcement show (COPSWEST. No, I kid you not...) that the LAPD is currently running as a trial.

VX-3 Li+ version:
42 Amp Hour 5.4 kWh LiFePO4 battery
0 to 50 mph: 8.25 seconds
Range: 50 to 80 miles
Recharge time:e 4-6 hours
Batteries rated approximately 1,600 cycle charges (at 80%) for an estimated lifespan of 10 yrs or 50,000 mi
Peak power: 21 kW at the motor shaft
Rear hub motor
Maximum Continuous Power: 5.1 HP (3.8 kW)
Maximum Torque: 65 Nm
Maximum Continuous Torque: 23 Nm.
Curb weight: 525 pounds
MSRP: $14,995.00

More here:

21 February 2011, 0809
The thing that struck me about vectrix was that they put a lot of painstaking effort into making their bikes, and all the components were top notch as far as I could tell. Except for the most important components of all -- the batteries. I thought that given how state-of-the-art everything else on the bikes was, going with lead acid batteries was just wrong...

21 February 2011, 0844
My understanding is that the big Vectrix scooter that I test rode at Marin BMW a couple of years ago used NiCad batteries, not SLAs. I know that I didn't feel the batteries slosh around when cornering. :rolleyes:

21 February 2011, 0851
yeah, I don't know where you got that, guilty, but they had NiMH @ 3.7 kWh

21 February 2011, 0930
I could be wrong but i believe Vectrix did come out with a lead acid battery later on when they realized they needed to bring the price down a bit.

21 February 2011, 0944
Yep, the VX-1E and VX2 were lead:

22 February 2011, 1657
Just got a little more info on the VX-3 and some photos: