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08 December 2010, 1704
A relatively new, seemingly very powerful (used it for a couple of weeks) FREE schematic capture / pcb layout / autorouter has been released by RS Components.

Can import Eagle design files and libraries so may be of use to some bods on the forum for creating pcbs from existing data.

More useful perhaps is that although a hammer to crack a nut, we could use the schematic editor to develop a common library of symbols to produce EV schematics.



08 December 2010, 1721
I'm using Eagle right now, but I'll have to check this out. I really want to find something that's a cross between schematic layout and CAD for doing my wiring diagram.

08 December 2010, 1728
It's you I had in mind Dave when I mentioned the Eagle import. I've been following your CAN project. As an aside, the DesignSpark concept from RS is a sort of innovation forum with a focus on development boards and idea swapping. DesignSpark PCB is just one of the tools they offer.


08 December 2010, 1732
I'll definitely have to check it out then. Sounds like just what I need.

09 December 2010, 0606
I am using Express PCB schematic program but just downloaded and loaded DesignSpark PCB and will give it a try. It seems better than Express but that's not hard as Express Schematic is pretty bad


09 December 2010, 0940
I've been using BatchPCB for my boards. The lead time sucks, but it does work out cheaper than ExpressPCB.