View Full Version : Tesla Chicago!

09 December 2010, 1506
I was on my way to do a boring installation and training in the one place in the country other than Daves back yard that's colder and more miserable than Boston- Chicago, and as the cab whizzed along I look out and see.... the TESLA logo and what looks like CARS in the window!


Needless to say, I wrapped up the job in short order, and made a stop on the way back to the airport...


Thanks to Erin and Tony for the warm welcome! Tony, by the way is none other than Tony Helmholdt... rider, builder, and general mad inventor. And yes, you met him at TTXGP in VA! Here's his site: http://experimentalev.wordpress.com/

09 December 2010, 1526
Zero degrees in my backyard today. And zero Teslas.