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14 December 2010, 1518
The January issue of Popular Science has some articles that might be of interest to some El Moto members.

Page 20 has an article about the Chevy Volt, which explains how it works. One thing that caught my eye was mention that it has a 400 pound 16-kWh Li-ion battery pack, which throws in the towel when it discharges to 35%. It also has two electric motors, a big one and a little one. The little one helps out the big one when it gets tired and the then little one acts as a generator when the batteries poop out. The little one would appear to be an active little guy.

Page 26 has an article about R/C pocket dogfighters and other high-end R/C toys.

Page 38 has an article about the latest new and improved mil-spec powered exoskeleton, titled "Iron Man 2.0". It is powered by a 3.5 kW generator and the article says that if they can get the power consumption down to 1 kW, they can make it portable. Right now the operator is attached to a long extension cord - you know how that can be. It really cuts into your fun. :D

Last but not least, is a long article titled: "The Terminator Scenario" - "are we giving military machines too much power?" As you might imagine, the theme of this article is that robots are starting to get out of control and might soon run amok. :eek: Lets hope they don't turn into Spambots. :mad:

Nuts & Volts
14 December 2010, 1740
The motors in the Volt are actually both the same size