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14 December 2010, 1914
I picked this up from a post on the Brammo site:

Toyota has announced a battery design that would increase density by 10 times:


Not to be outdone, MIT has announced their own battery breakthrough:


All these battery improvements arriving so quickly is certainly not what I had expected a couple of years ago. If these improvements pan out, electric vehicles are going to have a real future much more quickly than I had ever imagined. :)

14 December 2010, 2058
"Nikkei business daily speculates the breakthrough could net a ten-fold improvement in battery performance – potentially setting the stage for electric vehicles with a range of 1,000 miles."

Sounds too good to be true. Smells like sushi gone bad.

14 December 2010, 2216
I'd rather have a battery pack with 350 miles range and 5 minute charge time, or even 500 mile range that could recharge over lunch on a road trip. But, just to dream, 1000 highway miles would get you across the country in 3 days, with the car charging over night.

Lets me see here (curiosity getting the best of me). For the sake of argument, lets say a 30kWh pack gets you 100 miles. That means this would be a 300kWh pack. That would be about 8.9 gals worth of electricity, and would cost $36 at $0.12 a kWh to "fill". Currently $36 would juuust overfill my 11+ gal Neon tank, and get me 350 miles. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie! :D

14 December 2010, 2337
300kWh is probably a significant amount of the monthly electric usage for a single family home. It's more than 2/3 of what my average electric usage is for a month (but i do have a postage stamp sized house).

Also, given the current chargers (say the standard one for the LEAF for example), which does more or less 3.3kW/hr charging. that'd be 90 hrs to charge the leaf. Even if we had 7kW chargers, that'd be still close to 2 full days to fully charge that car.

Not that i'd turn down a battery that has 10 times the capacity, but it'd bring up even bigger concerns with the way we distribute electricity...

15 December 2010, 0430
You guys gotta check the dates on this stuff. Both of these are last years' news. This is just more of the nano lithium stuff we read about in '09, and yeah, the claims are pretty obviously fishing for investors...

As far as charge rates, am I the only one who sees discharge rates when I see this shizzy? I mean, if you can charge it in seconds, (which you can't, really, but just sayin') then you can discharge it that fast too, or faster, am I right? Rich, screw charge times, gimme a light pack that can fry a couple four normal motors in a few seconds, and now we're talkin! :D

Oh, and Tango, about your sig. You suck. :) ("Leaf coming soon")

15 December 2010, 0845
When I see this type of stuff on the internet, here is what happens to me:

http://www.twowheelsblog.com/post/5709/bmw-motorrad-experiments-with-after-image-effect?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+twowheelsblog%2Fcom+%28twowhe elsblog%29


15 December 2010, 1022
Oh, and Tango, about your sig. You suck. :) ("Leaf coming soon")

Order placed! The dealer says if i'm lucky, it'll be january, but most likely feb.

Smooches Ted. :D

15 December 2010, 1053
Order placed! The dealer says if i'm lucky, it'll be january, but most likely feb.

Smooches Ted. :D
No robbing parts from it for your bike!

15 December 2010, 1055
No robbing parts from it for your bike!

Ooooooohhh....that's got promise... :D

15 December 2010, 1319

Congratulations! I found out 12-10 I got pushed back to fall 2011. Working up an electric bicycle project. May be the only electric I ever get.