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18 August 2010, 1614
Some members know that I'm in the auto collision industry, and today I found out that a new Honda
CR-Z that is in our parking compound may be going to an insurance company auction.

The car was delivered to a Honda dealership that we do all the collision work for. One of the dealership salesmen decided to take it out for a spin, and promptly wrote it off. Canadian Honda dealers aren't even to sell one before August 22, and this car was to be kept away from the public.

Although the car is already a hybrid I think it has great potential to be converted to either a plug-in hybrid, or a full electric.
My only hesitation is I would have to buy the car cheap enough to make it worth while.
There aren't any body parts available yet.

18 August 2010, 1721
Looks sweet.
something like that would be deserving of an AC drive, say 150 kW with 20+ kW-hrs of Li

18 August 2010, 1724
Cool looking car that can easily be converted into full electric. You might be able to get a Honda Civic Hybrid for real cheap pretty soon.

18 August 2010, 1759
The reason I'm excited about this car is that: 1) it's a nice light car 2) it's a brand new model and I think they have kind of a funky new shape 3) it would probably be a first for an electric conversion for the model unless Honda already has it in the works, there are rumors of an Si model to follow and 4) I can probably buy it for a few thousand dollars (it's still brand new)

My only downside is that a proper full electric, lithium, AC motor system, would probably run me several thousands of dollars to attain a healthy performance level.

18 August 2010, 1854
You are right, to set it up properly it would cost about 10 grand. Stick to bikes they are a lot cheaper :)