View Full Version : First Leaf owner's 336-mile report

21 December 2010, 1640
Olivier Chalouchi of Redwood City, CA, became the first Leaf owner in the Bay Area on December 11. He has driven the car for 336 miles during the first week of ownership. He was the first person to order a leaf after midnight on August 31. So far only 5 people in the US have received their Leafs, but there are about 20,000 more on the reservation list. Nissan says that by the end of the summer of 2011, everyone who pre-ordered their cars should have them.

Mr. Chalouchi picked up his car in San Francisco and drove it home on the freeway (about 30 miles, I would guess) and by the time he reached home the batteries were sagging. He says that the car's mileage varies wildly, between 50 miles maximum at freeway speeds to 100 miles in slow city traffic. He is quoted as saying "I am not going to do road trips in this car".

He says that it costs him about $1.20 in electricity to charge up the batteries. He charges the car using a Nissan charging station that an electrician installed in his home. He says the car is fun to drive. It cost him about $37,000 and he expects to receive a $7,500 federal rebate and a $5,000 state rebate, bringing the cost of the car down to $24,500. He expects to save between $1000 and $1500 per year by not having to buy gasoline.

These comments are my summary of an article by Diana Samuels in my local newspaper.