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22 December 2010, 0251
If you are looking for parts and accessories for your electric vehicle, you have come to the right place! We stock parts ranging from LED Volt/Amp meters to connectors and throttles. Our products are bound to be a match to what you are looking for.

We specialize in parts for light/small electric vehicles such as; electric bikes, electric scooters, electric pocket bikes and electric motorbikes.

We currently have a 50% sale on EVERYTHING online. Sale ends Christmas Eve 12am NZ time.

Plus we have updated international shipping which is only $30NZD to USA and Canada via International Air.

Either order online here: http://www.gammaelectrix.com/
OR contact us on: sales@gammaelectrix.com

Merry Xmas and get ordering.



22 December 2010, 0523
Forgot to add, shipping to Australia is $20.

22 December 2010, 0705
Thanks Jake!!!

More goodies for the Juice Cafe Ride!

22 December 2010, 1541
You're Welcome Ed.

Will be shipped out today.


22 December 2010, 1611
Just put in a little order a minute ago. Need more stuff in stock!

When will your RFID be available? I was thinking of dong something similar but never enough hours in the day.....

22 December 2010, 1617
Thanks for the order.

Yes, at the moment we are currently growing our inventory.
The products that appear out of stock without a photo are ones which we will have in the coming year. They are there to let people know this.

Both the RFID kit and the complete RFID module are on order. The complete module, built by us, requires an initial deposit and the rest of payment upon completion.
They might be a little pricey though; 100-200 NZD because the parts are fairly hard to source here.

Anyways, if you would like more info on this or something on our site, don't hesitate to contact on any of our emails below.

Help Regarding Products

If you need help regarding our products contact: support@gammaelectrix.com

Problem With The Site

If you notice a bug or any problem with the site contact: admin@gammaelectrix.com

Information About An Order

If you need help trying to order or if you want some information about your order please contact: sales@gammaelectrix.com

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If you need help with your conversion or on a process, don't hesitate to contact: buildhelp@gammaelectrix.com


22 December 2010, 1953
Or feel free to PM me or discuss it here.

22 December 2010, 2030
RFID kit timing for availability? price? Thanks....

22 December 2010, 2124
The price would turn out to be +/- 200NZD, which is around 150USD.
If needed it can be available to ship in late February, or earlier if a deposit is made.
This is because some parts are sourced overseas.

Within the next few weeks I may get all the parts for this, create a manual and you can have the first complete kit.
If you put down deposit of say 50USD then I can guarantee that it will be yours within that time period.

Otherwise I am aiming to have these in stock online by March.

Thanks for your interest.

22 December 2010, 2148
But since they are "**On Order" they can be bought at any time, you would just need to contact us.
Expect around 3 weeks max once this has been done. Remember that this will be the first set, so timing is likely to be wrong. So it could be ready to ship within a week or 4 weeks, we are not sure.
The on order RFID modules are between 150-200USD. This will be confirmed when I sort this out, I'm sorry I can't give you an exact price.

23 December 2010, 1749
Only 10 hours left of sale!!

24 December 2010, 0300
Last hour of sale!!!

24 December 2010, 0409
Thanks for your support!
And have a great Christmas and New Year!

13 January 2011, 0140
We now have a large stock of Power Pole wire connectors in two flavours; 30/45A and the larger 75A.
Colours available are Black, Red, Blue and Green.
We have discount packs in 10 pairs, 6 pairs and 2 pairs for the 30/45A connectors and a set of 2 pairs for the 75A connectors.

We also have some LCD thermometers with 75cm cable with probe. Great for monitoring parts in your system.

On another note, we now have Gamma Electrix merchandise available; 3.5" by 2" and bumper stickers.
Support our site with stickers on your amazing projects!!
Buy with your orders.

If you would only like some stickers. Let us know and we will pay to get them to you. All you pay for is the sticker it self.


Jake Saunders
Gamma Electrix