View Full Version : Any of you guys work on cars?

23 December 2010, 1453
I have a sneaking suspicion that my EVaddiction will not end once I finish this bike... it'll go right into an electric car.

If so, what are your opinions, contrasts and ideas about electric cars in comparison to electric motorcycles?

23 December 2010, 1612
More complicated and more expensive. But safer. I decided on a bike instead of a car b/c I knew it would be simpler. Good luck with it.

23 December 2010, 1628
I like both and have both. My preference is the Electric motorcycle. Easier and cheaper to build, and a lot more range for the price.

EV cars have their place, but the electric motorcycle is still the best bang for the buck.


Nuts & Volts
23 December 2010, 1634
If I could afford to convert a car I would just build a faster electric motorcycle. Bang for the buck as mentioned and more fun :)


23 December 2010, 1701
My first experience with EVs was with a car conversion. Too complicated and expensive. It quickly made me realize why an electric motorcycle was the ideal EV.

It takes a lot more batteries to move a vehicle that weighs a couple tons. Not only that there are more systems to deal with. You need vacuum pumps for power brakes, compressor for AC system. Don't forget all the reverse engineering you'll need to do to get those dash warning lights to shut off.

23 December 2010, 1930
Eh warning lights are easy :)


23 December 2010, 2225
Totally depends what you want in a car. If you want creature comforts, highway speeds, ability to carry passengers and ease of licensing, you're pretty much stuck with a conversion, which means you're handicapped from the get-go because of the weight. More weight = more power required = more money.

If you start from scratch and build with the goal of staying as light as possible, it's less expensive to power the EV, but you have to know how to fabricate and suspension setup is a bit trickier.

27 December 2010, 2147
Thanks for the opinions guys. It really sounds like if I got a couple more bucks to spend, I'd be better off with a greasecar conversion or another electric bike.

The one thing that bothers me is riding something that draws 300 amps in the rain. Sounds like swimming in a lightening storm to me. I'll have to work on waterproofing my final concept.