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24 December 2010, 0257


I really like the new animated christmassy logo/header.

It's just awesome :O :eek:

Better watch out with your Epilepsy TED. >.<

24 December 2010, 0259
Oh and by the way, what format is it?

I've tried gif before but it was really bad quality and another one that didn't work.

Can give me a heads up?


24 December 2010, 0304
Thank you, had to get into that festive Christmas whatever mood.

Its in flash... which I still cant fully integrate completely into this new vbulletin formatting (see the black gap beneath it?)... and no one else seems to know the work around for it either.

24 December 2010, 0308
Yeah, I had tried the flash format one.
It was really good quality like this one, but I couldn't get it to work.
Will try some other time :)

24 December 2010, 0746
Nice looking logo. Merry Christmas to all!!

24 December 2010, 1236
Nice Job Mike! My cousin is a flash guru, so let me know if you need help for next time. :)

24 December 2010, 1238
Nice job Mike!

My cousin is a flash guru, so let me know if you need help next time. :)

24 December 2010, 1413
Me no seey a new logo. :(

24 December 2010, 1513
Dave, make sure the the VBulletin scheme is set to DarkVision. There is an option in the very lower left of this page probably set to "Default". Select DarkVision and you should be good.

Hope this helps!

24 December 2010, 1535
Merry Xmas all. It's now christmas noon here.. Have fun with presents??!!!??