View Full Version : Rail Gun Jet Catapult

25 December 2010, 1236
This is pretty neat. I just love rail guns :D:


26 December 2010, 1446
Very cool. I am wondering if there is a conservation advantage to this versus steam. Like, we aren't heating up the ocean's water for no good reason, is there a savings in power consumption, is it more reliable and easier to repair, ect, ect.

26 December 2010, 1622
I think the E-catapult's advantage is that it is lighter, simpler, takes up less space and is less likely to need a plumber to repair, the power can be programmed more easily and accurately, it has a higher power potential than steam and the nuclear power plants used on aircraft carriers have electrical power to spare, so why fool with steam. No doubt though, there are some admirals that prefer wind and steam power to electrical power. :rolleyes: Maybe Admiral Baldbruce will let us know for sure. :)

27 December 2010, 0714
I would think there's less moving parts and steam has a *lot* of plumbing, lol. It didn't even look like he got into the burners to achieve a good-looking launch. I wonder what the electrical schematic looks like for that thing?

27 December 2010, 0804
Safety is another big deal. high pressure steam can be deadly, and explosive. They have a power-plant on board. I can see may upsides, such as controll for a constant acceleration, which would be much softer on the airframes.

27 December 2010, 0813
very cool. I love technology! I worked on carriers for seven years and the steam catapults were complicated and very high maintenance. This next generation catapult has a lot less components and should be easier to maintain. And it is true, aircraft carriers do have an abundance of power.