View Full Version : E-car deliveries off to a very slow start

01 January 2011, 1533
According to an article in my newspaper written by Sharon Silke Carty of the AP, GM has sold 250 to 350 Chevy Volts in December. However, Nissan has delivered fewer than 10 Leaf sedans in the US so far. The article says that it will be well into 2012 before both the Leaf and the Volt will be available throughout the US - although there are over 50,000 people on the waiting list for both vehicles. Nissan says that another shipment of 90 Leafs have arrived on a cargo ship on December 23 and are on the way to dealers. Nissan will not provide an estimate on how many Leaf sedans they expect to sell in the US this year.

It appears to me that Nissan, in particular, is taking the introduction of the Leaf very slowly. My guess is that they are worried about the car having problems when placed in service in the US and don't want to have too many on the road should a recall be necessary. I'll bet Toyota's problems this year really made them nervous.

One Volt owner, Felix Kramer of Redwood City, CA, (the founder of CalCars.org) picked up his car last week and has already driven it 350 miles and only used 2.4 gallons of gas to go that distance. He says that he is averaging about 35 miles on battery power before needing to recharge.