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06 January 2011, 1147
As some of you might know I have an eval nboard from TI that I'm using to do some cell monitoring tests with a view to making my own BMS. Needless to say I'm now on TI's email list. I just got one titled "Going green with e-bike, scooter and small vehicle design", with a link to a page dedicated to E-Bike solutions:


Some of you may have noticed that the Mission Motors bike has a TI logo on it's fairing.

Just something that I thought was worth a post.

06 January 2011, 1207
Another link from the email: http://links.mkt2223.com/ctt?kn=20&m=3283256&r=MjIwOTUzMzU3NjkS1&b=0&j=MTAzMDE1OTIzS0&mt=1&rt=0

06 January 2011, 2223
They sure have fun stud to play with