View Full Version : EV maximum range standards

19 August 2010, 1515
Yesterday I caught the tail end of a radio business news report on the SF KGO radio station. The reporter was talking about Tesla being upset about a proposal by some government agency that was planning to change the way EV maximum range was computed. There was some mention about the current two-stage method being changed to a three-stage method. Unfortunately, I did not get my brain into gear fast enough to understand what was being talked about, other than Tesla was saying that the new method would drastically cut their advertised EV battery range.

I listened to a couple of additional business reports, but this discussion was not repeated. Today I checked the business section of my newspaper and saw no mention of this, either. Does anyone know any more about how plug-in vehicle ranges are computed and what, if any, changes are being proposed?

In my very limited experience, EV ranges seem to be grossly exaggerated when the vehicle is used as a typical IC vehicle would be used. However, I can understand how start-up manufacturers would want to provide high range numbers in order to promote the sales of their vehicles at this stage of the game. Of course, this is a risk. While it might boost sales early on, if the public doesn't get the advertised range when the vehicle is driven normally, or (worse yet) gets stranded and the vehicle has to be towed, EVs could rapidly develop a bad reputation via word of mouth and from news reports. This could really hurt the industry in the long run.

It would be interesting to know if there is an accepted EV performance standard to determine maximum usable range, or is it left up to the manufacturer to invent such a standard and use the best system that will create the longest range before recharging is needed ?