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25 January 2011, 0518
Energy Element Committee Meeting
January 25, 2011
10:00 AM
Lonnie Hamilton, III Public Services Building, Room B-225

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Presentations from the following:

Jeff Burns –BCDCOG role in transportation
Jim Armstrong – Transportation Sales Tax (Roadwise) Projects
Patterson Smith- CARTA
Steve Dudash- Transportation Oriented Design and electric public transportation
Ed Fargo – Hands on experience with personal electric vehicles

3. Next Meeting

4. Adjournment

Hope they have free donuts.... :)

Harold in CR
25 January 2011, 0753
Hope they have free donuts

That won't help your weight reduction program. ::) :)

25 January 2011, 1615
So true!!!! LOL

25 January 2011, 1618
So how did it go?

25 January 2011, 1637
Good. Learned a lot about the local government plans for EV Buses and plug in stations. They learned about my fondness of EV Motorcycles.
I handed out a sheet on the 10 top Myths of EV's. Good questions all around.

I have been asked back. The Spanish inquisition awaits? :)

25 January 2011, 1648
Being asked back is definitely a good sign! (Being escorted out by security, not so good.)

Keep up the good work Ed!

25 January 2011, 1800
Thanks Dad! :)

25 January 2011, 1801
And I never thought you'd amount to anything. Glad you proved me wrong. :)

25 January 2011, 1808

Me too! Does this mean I do not have to clean up my room anymore?