View Full Version : RC at 135mph

27 January 2011, 0945
OK, not a bike but I have to brag anyway. My dad and I (he builds em and I fly em) had this bad boy radared at 135 mph last weekend.

Weighs in around 17 pounds
10 cell 5000 mha Lipo battery pack
4.5 inch fan
Scorpion outrunner motor
Pulls around 62 amps at full throttle
flight time of around 5 min.

We are currently working on a new one that should be lighter and with a thinner wing.774775776

27 January 2011, 1023
Cool stuff! Definitely worth bragging about. :D

27 January 2011, 1051
Very Cool!

28 January 2011, 1651
Definitely, way cool