View Full Version : Got to drive a Tesla Roadster today....sort of.

03 February 2011, 1644
Here I am looking for something to replace the out of date Wii and ran into the new PS3 Move (An anniversary present) and my favorite type games, Racing! (go figure)

I tried the Gran Turismo DEMO and decided to find a used version.

After getting home and getting things set up, I started it on the INDY 500 track. One of the cars to race on this famous track? The TESLA! (This may be old news to you younger video game playing folks but ...)

It even has a battery pack fuel gauge on the side of the screen and it makes my favorite sound, the whine of the electric motor.

Fun stuff!!

03 February 2011, 1649
Awesome story. A virtual Tesla is better than no Tesla. And it's good for exposure.

Back in the real world, I stopped by the Washington, DC Tesla store just a few hours ago and touched a real one. Oooh, ahhh!
(I'm not trying to one-up you, just sayin; :-)

03 February 2011, 1656
Touched one? I love it!

(I did touch one earlier this year at a Hilton head car show) ..... Just sayin :)

P.S. The owner did not like me touching his car! :O:O

03 February 2011, 1704
Yeah, for some reason they wouldn't let people sit in it. So touching, dare I say caressing, was all I could do.

Ed, if I ever buy one, I promise I will let you touch it.

03 February 2011, 1720
Yeah, for some reason they wouldn't let people sit in it. So touching, dare I say caressing, was all I could do.

Ed, if I ever buy one, I promise I will let you touch it.

As long as we are still talking about the car....I am there... :):):)

03 February 2011, 1725
Despite having an offer I haven't driven my co-worker's for reasons of self-defense -- I already know I want one and really don't want any more weight in the PRO column with the price and seating capacity in the CON column.

03 February 2011, 1738
The Model S is almost here, and there are some new videos up on Vimeo on Tesla's "channel".

Tony Coiro
03 February 2011, 2023
I've driven the Roadster, never had such a big EV grin in my life. The acceleration is unreal.

16 February 2011, 1359
According to my newspaper and the Wall Street Journal, Tesla has announced a fourth-quarter revenue of $36.3 million, which is a 16% increase from the previous quarter and double the $18.6 million from the previous year's 4th quarter. That exceeded Wall Street's estimate. Tesla's stock is selling at $22.86 as of last night.

However, the company lost $51.4 million, or 54 cents a share, last quarter, in spite of the increased income. This loss was due to increased spending on R&D and rapid hiring as it races to get its Model S sedan to the market.

Tesla has about 900 employees worldwide and has 165 job openings for battery technicians, firmware engineers, sales staff and a big boss.

CEO Elon Musk said that the highlight of the 4th quarter was the on-time completion of the first drivable Model S. Musk says that he drives the alpha-build Model S every week and he is really pleased with how the product is developing.

To date Tesla has sold 1500 Roadsters and 3,700 customers have paid $5000 each to reserve the Model S, which is scheduled for production in 2012. Also, Daimler has increased its order for Tesla's battery packs for its Smart ForTwo electric car from 1500 to 1800 packs.

For the year, Tesla reported a loss of $154.3 million, compared with a loss of $55.7 million in 2009. Deepak Ahuja, Tesla's CFO, says that revenue will increase to between $160 and $175 million this year.

16 February 2011, 1545
Thanks Richard!