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04 February 2011, 0535
List your blogs here! We have a lot of members doing some great work out there... now's your chance to promote your blog, shamelessly or otherwise! :D

How about a linky, then maybe a little description of what you focus on?

04 February 2011, 0654
Here goes, It may not be blogspot, but it is still something.

My conversion is off a Suzuki GSX-R 600 from 1997, picked up at a salvage yard, not running at the time, which has been fitted with Fairings and Tail from a later 2001 model.
The bike will be:
Run by a AC-15 motor coupeled with a Curtis 1238 550 Amp controller. Originally a Splined female motor converted to a shafted model with a little help from Frodus.
Powered by 24 pcs Thundersky 60 Ah LiFePO4 batteries maintained by a Fetcher Goodrum BMS, 72 Volt pack, aprox.
And charged by a Delta-Q 72 Volt charger which has the DC-DC unit built in.

Currently I have very little to do with the fabrication of the bike because it is in the hands of Professional bike builder Lauge Jensen's Father Steen Lauge Jensen, he is currently working on designing the Battery cage with good strength and ergonomics in mind. He wants all the cells and components to be easaliy accessable. The battery cage will be professionally built to spec and made to fit with a quality stamp that you can take to the grave. Though it is gonna be very pricey *sob* Good thing is once he is done, I just have to wire up the bike and then take it for a spin. Finish date will be around March of this year. :)

Here is my currently only blog: http://www.motorcykelgalleri.dk/html/alb_vis.asp?AlbumID=13158
It is in Danish, so you might need a translator to read it through.
As well as the bikes page on Evalbum: http://www.evalbum.com/3633

The goals of this project?
To beat the soaring gasprices and maintinance costs of running a motorcycle here in Denmark without breaking the asking price of a similar spec ICE motorcycle.
While still retaining the fun factor of motorcycle riding as well as reaching speeds and ranges comparable to some ICE motorcycles.
Finished it will have cost me between 11.000$ and 13.000$

04 February 2011, 0739
My blog: Brammofan (http://www.brammofan.com)

a little description of what you focus on?
That would be Brammo.

Thanks for the opportunity, Mr. D.

04 February 2011, 0745
I converted a '91 Suzuki Katana, which I call electriKAT.

electriKAT Blog (http://electrikat.info)

evalbum entry (http://www.evalbum.com/2978)

04 February 2011, 0835
I've been working on what seems like a freakin eternity (but really is only 14 months), a 1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor conversion that i've named Electriceptor. I've got 115V of Thundersky 60Ah batteries running an Enertrac 602 Hub motor driven by a Kelly KBL1401I brushless controller.

I'm actually pretty close to being done (well, close is a somewhat relative term). I'd guess it'll be ridable within 2 months (and considering i'm working on it in 30min - 2 hour chunks every couple of days, that seems close. :) I have the battery frame built and mountable in the moto frame, all of the electronics are working but not yet mounted in their final configuration.

There's some stuff on the original bike that need work (in particular, the brake rotors were shot, so i need to get replacements (anybody got any front rotors for a VF500?).

My blog is at http://electriceptor.wordpress.com, there's an EVAlbum page (http://www.evalbum.com/3005), and my elmoto build (http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?580-My-85-Honda-VF500F-Interceptor-conversion-Electriceptor) page, (plus lots of random questions from me littered about elmoto...).

Oh yeah, i also have a bunch of build videos that i was doing for a while on youtube that are linked from my blog. It's been FOREVER since i've put any up. I have some raw video for a couple more, but whenever i have the chance to work on the videos, i end up going the garage to work on the bike instead. :)


04 February 2011, 0845
I'm more of a designer/tech/builder than a writer. Company website has pics of some of the projects I work on. I will see if I can get my wife to help me with a writeup on my first conversion for myself. (and the 2 more that will follow it quickly)

If you like good food and reading stuff from a talented writer read my wifes blog at

www.pintsizedpioneering.blogspot.com (http://www.pintsizedpioneering.blogspot.com)

I'll update a blog for my build when I get around to putting one up :). Love seeing your guys builds.


04 February 2011, 0918
Rob, he said blog, not bog. You can stop laughing now.

04 February 2011, 0925
Here, I'll just link you to my build thread.. oh wait... :'(


Tony Coiro
04 February 2011, 0959

04 February 2011, 1011
My blog (http://www.evfr.net/) (needs to get updated soon with some battery testing)

My evalbum entry (http://www.evalbum.com/1365)

04 February 2011, 1032
Rob, he said blog, not bog. You can stop laughing now.

when will you people learn the language?

04 February 2011, 1045
when will you people learn the language?


04 February 2011, 1136
ElMoto Blog Roll

I'll have mine with extra wasabi, please.

04 February 2011, 1156
Great shots of Jen Bromme and the Werkstatt bike, Alex! Thanks!

...and can we make a rule that Tony has to buy a round of beers at the next ElMoto gathering for each time we see his face on the YouTube? :D

04 February 2011, 1313
My Blog: Saunders EV (http://blog.gammaelectrix.com)

Hasn't been updated in a while. :D

04 February 2011, 1436
Great shots of Jen Bromme and the Werkstatt bike, Alex! Thanks!

Thanks Ted. I just noticed that the only place i put up my pics and vids from the TTXGP Sonoma from May of last year was on ElMoto 1.0, so it's gone. I'll put them up on my blog at some point...

04 February 2011, 1537
Ok mine is here.... http://rgelectric.wordpress.com

Tony Coiro
04 February 2011, 1839
...and can we make a rule that Tony has to buy a round of beers at the next ElMoto gathering for each time we see his face on the YouTube? :D

My bank account is going to RSVP me as a "no" to that party. :D

05 February 2011, 0407
Let me throw in a couple of, well, ElMoto "alum":

skadamo does PlugBike.com, a great blog focused on news, racing and tech developments, at http://plugbike.com/

gassfreeearth, aka Terry, has disappeared into the sand and surf of FL with some gorgeous Lithuanians who shall remain nameless, but is working on his biodeisel stuff: http://gasfreeearth.com/

gestalt, who's here in Boston, has some really cool stuff, very sculptural, and just got himself a shop: http://gestaltelectricmotors.blogspot.com/ (fully equipped with beer),

Justin Gray: http://graywrxfabblog.blogspot.com/ "Custom EV builder,artist fabricator", and, based on the fact he logged in here 6 days ago, lurker, but this guy has amazing stuff. The blog hasn't been updated since Sept '09, but you gotta take a look.

...wish they'd get their butts back here on occasion. :p

Jake, where's the duck tape?

05 February 2011, 0832
Been working on my old Gixxer for 29 months now. Someday I will be an EV commuter.


06 February 2011, 0644
The EnerTrac Blog and the work I'm doing developing product for the 2 wheel (and three) EV world


Mark Gelbien

18 February 2011, 0433
Thanks Mark! Rich, when you gonna start your racing blog? (somebody PM the boy, I think he's set me to "ignore"- as well he should, probably. :O)

Here's the linky to skadamo's ebike blog: http://dopedbike.com/

>sigh< I gotta do everything for for that boy.

09 November 2011, 2035

With podcasts stating soon.

05 November 2012, 0419
Hey, maybe what with all our new members and projects it's time to update this? Post your blog/build links here...

In the Dept of Shameless Self Promotion, I'll (re)start, with my updated email list. Sign up here if you want an occasional email from me about stuff I'm doing, and general goings-on in the electric motorcycle universe: http://evmc2.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/join-the-electric-chronicles-email-list/

05 November 2012, 1041
Not much moto related but I have two -


Someday the honey-dos on the house will be done and I can start working on fun stuff again!

05 November 2012, 1443
:p no one told me i had to have a blog when i built my chopper - i kinda feel left out...