View Full Version : Whats a brand new in the crate 2010 ZERO S worth?

09 February 2011, 2235
I was wondering what a brand new 2010 ZERO S is worth. Now that the 2011 models are going to be available, what would be a fair price on a new 2010?

10 February 2011, 2138
Does anybody have an opinion on this?

11 February 2011, 0827
I would be interested in what a 2010 Electric Motorsport GPR-S is worth. But, how can anyone know? So few new electric motorcycles have been sold during the past couple of years, how many used ones could have been sold during that time? I would have to say very few. Which gives you almost no information about used EV worth. My guess is that their value as a used vehicle depends upon how much someone is willing to pay - which is not very helpful. In the case of my GPR-S, I would say that it is worth the value of its chassis, motor and controller and not much else. My guess is that EV depreciation is very high and will stay that way as long as rapid advances in performance and equipment are being made by manufacturers with each new model year.

11 February 2011, 0942
The 2011 Zero S (http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-s/order.php) is $9,995, so less than that.

Sorry, that's probably not so helpful.

11 February 2011, 1057
Good point. Since so few have been sold there is not much to compare with.