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10 February 2011, 1759
Just to test the waters, I posted my build over on customfighters.com. It's for people building ICE street fighers (100% as far as I know). I figured it would be a surly bunch, but I got a great reception on their forum. Looks like some common ground.


10 February 2011, 1802
Woah, those guys are hilarious! AND they appreciate a fine machine! You're a True Evangelist!

10 February 2011, 1914
It just coasts. Some motors can do regenerative braking, which charges the batteries and can feel like engine braking. But it doesn't do much on a light vehicle like a motorcycle, and its complicated and expensive. Coasting can actually be more efficient.
For a physicist, maybe.


It is an awesome build though and it's good seeing it get the recognition it deserves.

10 February 2011, 1928
Love the comments you got and the welcome. Congrats