View Full Version : Yates Tweets of 240 hp & gearing for 176 mph for AutoClub Speedway this weekend.

11 February 2011, 0218
Chip is going to test the resetting of his bike's motor & controller this weekend at the AutoClub Speedway in Fontana. His Tweets look optimistic of a great track day for emcs!
Bikes in pieces 2 days before I ride! 240hp motor arrived! Changed gearing to give 173 for this weekend...but

Twitter Link (http://twitter.com/#!/chipyates89/status/35850802316705792)

And this tweet leaves me wishing he had more time to play with the gearing for this weekend!
...Regearing after this weekend to give us 200mph!

Twitter Link (http://twitter.com/#!/chipyates89/status/35851048992116737)

I'll be there on Sunday to try and take some more video. Tempted to shoot video from the bleachers to see if he gets that 173 mph on the front straight, but I'd love to get closer, on the backstraight, to capture that amazing emc's sound.

11 February 2011, 1017
Looking forward to some reports on how it goes.

12 February 2011, 0759
that UQM motor sings like a bird! go chip go!

13 February 2011, 0121
Updates are on his twitter account. He has the new motor and controller installed as well as new anti wheelie software, but it looks like he only got a 1/2 a lap today. Something about a data dump. It does look like he got to feel the new power though. Then he said they had to make a big suspension change, adjust the tilt gyros, and lengthen the wheelbase. Tomorrow should be good day.