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15 February 2011, 1655
I just received my "Spring Preview 2011" Hammacher Schlemmer catalog (hammacher.com), which describes itself as "America's Longest Running Catalog", "Offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected for 163 years". Well, they did have a couple of unexpected items in the catalog that caught my eye.

The first item is "The All Terrain Electric Skateboard". It is rides on large knobby tires and reaches speeds of up to 19 mph. It is powered by a 36-volt battery and an 800-watt motor. It has a carrying capacity of 330 pounds and your speed and braking are controlled by a wireless hand-held controller. If you step (or fall) off the skateboard it stops immediately. The board weighs 65 pounds and has a range of 10 miles from a 4-hour charge. The board should be used by people 16 years old and up. Catalog # HD-79798 and will set you back $749.95. A street version for smooth services, using a 600-watt motor, is available for only $549.95.

But since most of you have money to burn, you will really want to get "The Light Cycle". It looks just like that one that was featured in a video here a month or two ago. Except this device is powered by a GSXR1000 motor and gearbox! It was inspired by the 2010 film Tron: Legacy, they say. It has Electroluminescent strips built into the tire cowling, wheel rims and body, which illuminate the cycle as you ride along. You lay at a near-horizontal position astride the padded leather seat, with feet on foot pegs that control its 6-speed transmission. The hubless wheels are former truck tires built up then custom-shaped to fit into one of two counter-rotating rims, spinning within each other. A chain-driven friction drum manages acceleration and braking, which are controlled from the handlebars. It has a spring-loaded front and rigid rear suspension (?). It uses a 3.5 gallon main fuel tank and a 1.25 gallon reserve tank.. The cycle weighs 474 pounds. All cycles are street-legal and built to order. Catalog # HD-11862. Only $55,000. Be the first on your block to get your very own Light Cycle. Order yours now! :D

15 February 2011, 1708
And I just noticed that Ultimate Motorcycling picked up on the Tron Cycle yesterday, including a video. See it here: http://www.ultimatemotorcycling.com/2011/tron-custom-motorcycle

16 February 2011, 0518
That skateboard is completely off-the-hook awesome! I saw one at a e-bike dealer here, and the guy proceeded to drive it into a wall, Tony Dangerman style, and make a big hole. It was that powerful! If I didn't already have too many projects brewing... I'd... I'd...

16 February 2011, 0539
This illunimated Suzuki-powered street-legal motorcycle...

It may be "illunimated" but no way is the Tron bike street legal. It surprises me how many motorcycle online publications keep using that phrase, when you'd think they know about little things like headlight and taillight requirements.

My first EV was a skateboard, back in the summer of '86. A friend of mine ran the service center at our local Yamaha/Suzuki dealership. He gave me the starter motor from a 500cc bike, and its starter relay. I bought a cheap Nash skateboard, strapped an old flooded motorcycle starter battery to it in the middle, and mounted the relay. I put a hinge under the tail on the back, and mounted the motor there with a skate wheel on it. I rigged a cable that let me pull the motor, so it pivoted and put its wheel in contact with the rear right wheel and had a pushbutton to trigger the relay. It would roll up to a whopping 3mph, and only get around the block a couple of times before I needed to charge the battery. It was short on performance, but long on fun.

16 February 2011, 0558
Yeah, from a visual standpoint, the Tron bike is a great example of how cool a bike can look in a photograph (and with some soft-core porn draped on it), and how downright silly it can look when it's actually being ridden. It looks like the guy can barely keep it pointed in one direction.

16 February 2011, 0907
And then there is this problem with turning corners while riding the Light Cycle......:O

Did you notice that the guy at the end of the video needed some dental work? I wonder if that happened while testing out the Light Cycle. ;)