View Full Version : An ICE Bike of the Year Article that gives some interesting numbers and charts

16 February 2011, 1955

There's nothing revolutionary in this article, but as I was reading I found myself looking at the prices, the charts (and there are like 5 or 6), gas mileage, and lap times and comparing them to electrics. Now, I always knew 600s were almost as fast as liter bikes, but the Kawi finished within a second a lap on the streets of Willow course. On the big course it may have been a different story though. At the very least here is an up-to-date reference for us to use i conversations with friends, or amongst ourselves.

Note: Sport Rider is a rag for hard core sport riders who tear up the canyons, don't know what rain is like to ride in, and would never use a sport touring tire like a Dunlop Roadsmart because it wouldn't stick enough at the next track day. An over generalization, but it'll allow you to put the article in perspective.

I hope some of you find interesting if not helpful.

17 February 2011, 0851
Thanks Jazclrint. That was an interesting article. Normally, I pass by Sport Rider as I have a subscription to Motorcyclist and they are much the same - except Sport Rider has photos of more wheelies and stoppies and features more motorcycles that I can't ride for long without getting an overhaul from a chiropractor.

19 February 2011, 1027
Yeah. I stopped reading when after they included sport touring tires in a tire review. They literally hadn't tried any in years, and clear were making big assumptions about their performance. They were very honest and surprised by the performance of the tires. But it just showed me that they weren't the rag for me any more. If you read their article on the new VFR1200F w/DCT, they sound shocked they liked it. I sat on one the other day, and the position is more aggressive than on my '91, and they talk about how comfortable and relaxed the ergos are.