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Nuts & Volts
18 February 2011, 1508
I was just curious about the various reasons members have become involved in electric vehicles and electric motorcycles?
Examples; like motorcycles, like technology, like motorcycle racing, like the environment, hate gasoline, think we can do better, want to try something new, like how clean elmotos are, like maintenance free, like the quietness, like the challenge. etc etc

So you may fit all of these now, but I am interested in the 2 or 3 reasons that started your EV love.

I started because I wanted to help save the environment and converting a car was too expensive. I stick around now because i think we (society) can do better than ICE machines, and working with EVs is what i want to do for a living.

So why are you here?


18 February 2011, 1515
I needed a hobby. I'm doing my conversion because it's fun and challenging. Nothing more, nothing less. I find this place comfortable for knocking ideas around and expanding my knowledge beyond P=VI.

18 February 2011, 1526
My first interest was pretty simple. I wanted to see what it was like to ride one of these things. And I like to build stuff... stuff that goes fast. :D

The opportunity to torment Dave was merely a fringe benefit.

18 February 2011, 1604
I'm a builder that likes things that go fast. I also liked the idea of getting closer to something that would feel like flying without losing my hearing to the pipes.

Tony Coiro
18 February 2011, 1618
I just like to complain about TTXGP and Chip Yates. ;) Alright, seriously, I like the challenge, creating something that wouldn't have existed otherwise and it's really the only way physics majors can get girls.

18 February 2011, 1637
In my case, having purchased an Electric Motorsport GPR-S, I wanted to learn more about it, such as how it worked and how to maintain the vehicle. I was also interested in learning how other GPR-S owners liked their bikes and how they performed.

I also am interested in the EV business and I wanted to be on the ground floor as this new technology transformed motorcycles into something that I had never seen before. Plus, I found that I really enjoy riding electric motorcycles (when they run). They are quiet and I like the flat power curve that doesn't require spinning the engine to thousands of rpms, slipping the clutch to get going and shifting though six gears to get up to speed.

Finally, I have become tired of both visiting gasoline stations and supporting oil-producing countries around the World - and that includes Canada and Mexico.

I found El Moto when I went searching for electric motorcycle information and I have enjoyed learning from this forum ever since.

18 February 2011, 1656
To keep Ted Busy........ :)

18 February 2011, 1718
To keep Ted Busy........ :)
It's not like he has anything better to do. :)

Nuts & Volts
18 February 2011, 1729
I just like to complain about TTXGP and Chip Yates. ;) Alright, seriously, I like the challenge, creating something that wouldn't have existed otherwise and it's really the only way physics majors can get girls.

Hey man that was so yesterday man. Im over it :) and im sorry about the whole girls thing, but at least as a physics major you can tell them you know how to be two places at once... or one place at two times... or no where for all times. Something like that!

Nuts & Volts
18 February 2011, 1730
It's not like he has anything better to do. :)

Oh I thought Ted was the EL MOTO!?

18 February 2011, 1741
Always liked the theory of electrics but was never willing to pay a premium for an inferior product (for my needs). A few years ago a friend turned me onto elmotos but I've always had too many other projects to even consider especially when it needed to cover my commuting needs. A year and a half ago my wife started pushing me to get a new bike (replace the VTX) and I started looking at smaller+ lighter bikes to use for dedicated commuting. I considered building but I still don't have room (time or money or space) for new projects and need high reliability for commuting. This led me to Brammo. One year and 6.4k electric miles later and I've only visited the gas station twice (for the VTX) and I really don't miss the gas station experience. I'm not sure if this will actually save me money but at least it's easy to pretend I'm saving money by going electric.

18 February 2011, 1814
I just like to complain about TTXGP and Chip Yates. ;)

Me too :-) And although I have a few 4 wheel EVs under my belt, the 2 wheelers have caught my fancy.

18 February 2011, 1901
The Frankenstein moment, the EV grin, and the oppourtunity to educate.
If I have to explain, then you will never understand until these things happen to you.....

18 February 2011, 2112
I found out i could mod an electric scooter to go faster. I was 12 years old at that point. Now 16 and I'm moving onto an emotoribike. Mainly because I can use it for commuting to save on petrol and help save the environment.
I also like motorbikes and SPEED! Ev's are great because of the 100% torque all the time. I also do it because I enjoy electronics.
Main reson is to try and not use petrol/fossil fuels to help the enivronment and lower, one by one, green house gasses.

18 February 2011, 2257
I can't stand working on gas engines, always walk away covered in grease. Oil changes are a hassle. Exhaust is nauseating. As a motorcycle rider I'm especially aware of it when stuck in traffic, cars belching the filth in my face. I didn't want to be sitting on top of a contraption that created more exhaust that I would be inhaling. There has to be a better way. The EV way :D

19 February 2011, 0157
My father was an electronics technician, I was an aviation electrician, I was a motorcycle race fan before I got my first bike, I've commuted and toured on motorcycles, and I'm a greenie. I found this forum one day and my love of knowledge has kept me here. The only thing that has distracted me from this site was student teaching music. EVs just make sense.

19 February 2011, 0312
To keep Ted Busy........ :)

And my wife thanks you... :p Seriously, Ed, what got you into it? You're maybe the most hard-core builder here, with, what 3 or 4 bikes, cars, solar charging garage, etc... what got you going in the first place?

19 February 2011, 0657
I'm a truck driver in the public sector everything I do just about reqires a big loud diesel engine so I like my hobbies quiet and "green" (I use that term very loosely) I am also a speed junkie and ICE piston engine just don't cut it for me. -Krazy

19 February 2011, 0844
I'm a gadget, technology and motorcycle freak. I hate working with old greasy engines though, which are way over engineered from my perspective. To much can go wrong way to easy and the costs of keeping a ICE bike running here in DK are way to high, blanking taxes..
So when I discovered electric motorcycles I just thought to myself: "Maaan! I gotta get me one of those!"
I love to do things differently and driving a massive-ev-grin-fun vehicle, which is cost efficiant and reliable, sounded just like the right to do for me.

Sorry if my language is worse than usual, I'm still a bit hung over from last night haha :)

19 February 2011, 0848
i have been building fast vehichles car/bike... whatever....lol..my whole life. a freak of nature in need of speed.i grew up with some really brilliant and awesome fabricators in my town. outside the box thinking lead me this point in my life.i own a 1970 mustang tube chassis pro-mod with a blown small block ford(first car i ever owned @15) a 1969 mini cooper panel van dropped on a honda crx platform...blower/nitrous, a 1969 valkyrie/gt-40...22 point tube chassis rear engine small block ford with blower/nitrous...220 mph car...the list does go on! my point?....i would rather be racing my electric dragbike...the predator! 20 years ago i concieved this bike,and it's here and now! because of what we all believe in now. i love my ice toys...but i'm here to help turn as many that will listen...ELMOTO rules!

19 February 2011, 1003
The short version: Sustainability.

The long version:
My son and I went on a summer mission trip to Tijuana. I'd always thought of it as just a mecca for immigration, but it's really a sprawling metropolis filled with working class poverty. People working long days for very little pay making consumer and industrial goods that I take for granted and then throw away. The scale of our consumerism really hit me. We are drilling, mining and pumping resources out of the earth, just to burn them up or throw them away days later. How long can that last?
Shortly after our return I stumbled on a video for an electric motorcycle (Coincidence? Not). A few Google searches later, I was convinced this is the perfect way to combine my obsessions with motorcycles and sustainability.
My wife always thought I was crazy for riding motorcycles. Now she thinks I'm double-crazy.
Viva elMoto!!!

19 February 2011, 1726
And my wife thanks you... :p Seriously, Ed, what got you into it? You're maybe the most hard-core builder here, with, what 3 or 4 bikes, cars, solar charging garage, etc... what got you going in the first place?

Not wanting paying for gasoline..... and saving just a little bit of the earth.... every little bit counts.
(not counting....but 4 bikes, a mini bike and a Zap car ....oh yes, that silly Solar stuff too)


Been invited again to give out info on EV's and now E85! Yes, I am into that too, and I do not look like that typical "Save the earth " guy...Since we own a Harley..... hee hee.


15 February 2012, 1415
Hello Everyone.
As the newbie I wanted to give a little background on myself. I have always been interested in two wheels since I was a little kid, first took a ride with local thugs on the back of a goat trail bike(7yrs old). Older and best friend bought bike (13yrs) and started working on them (15yrs old) and having stopped yet.

I love motorcycles and making sense with current gas prices.

I am a Mechanical Technician at a University with equipment at hand but still believe in using your hands and basic tools to get the job done if it applies.

I have experience in mold making, casting resin and composite layups.

The thought of electric vehicles have been in interest for the past 8 years but was unable to find a good source of information for myself until El Moto.

Chime in a let me know what you think why you are here.

Los Angeles

15 February 2012, 1441
Just for the fun of building one and having something different.....with 2 quads, 2 gas bikes and a CTS-V I'm certainly not a tree hugger!

15 February 2012, 2056
I understand that a country can not survive that pays it's transportation energy budget out of it's own economy. I also hate the idea that it largely goes into the hands of the folks who hate our country the most.

Somehow the symbol of a big giant truck became "patriotic", when in reality it's a demonstration of how much you help to bleed our countries economy out like a stuck pig.

Electricity comes from domestic energy sources exclusively. This means it stays in your own countries economy (at least for the most part). This means when you plug-in to fill up, you're not bleeding out your own country, you're keeping the money in your economy and supporting the folks here.

I think gasoline should be used only for power sports and racing purposes, and all transportation needs should be covered by electrics, and then eventually electrics will replace gasoline for racing, and then replace alcohol, and then someday, it will be possible to replace nitro-methane in racing, and electrics WILL run faster than top-fuel dragsters. I think it will be >10years out for that though. :-) But I'm sure excited! I will miss the smell of nitromethane at the racetrack though, but I will love seeing the cars running even harder than was possible with internal or external combustion engines. :-)

15 February 2012, 2222
Ummm I think I cam here when it MotoCzysz fielded a bike in the TTXGP, read up on the series found ElMoto and been an on an off lurker since.

Have had an interest in electric vehicles for more than 10 years though, but the need to cut down on pollution and consumerism hit home when my first kid arrived. Kinda want him to live in a nice world, not one I helped mess up....

One day I will have the funds to start a project in earnest... :)

16 February 2012, 1921
I have been riding motorcycles since I was a kid and am also heavy into electric powered model airplans. (other than as needed for my weekend job at the local Hobby Town I have not started a gas motor for an airplane in about ten years) An electric bike just seems like a cool way to bring it all together.