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19 February 2011, 0409
It's likely no surprise to anyone here that I've been looking for a career change to something EV/Green Tech related, and I doubt I'm the only one. It's a bitch to find anything up here in the frozen NE, much less for a non-engineer marketing type ("Emerging Technology Evangelist" is the title I'm preferring lately... :D) and I've been scanning sites like the Green Collar Blog (http://www.greencollarblog.org/) for a few years now... interesting, but no good fits for a square peg like me. So that led me to the recruiter idea.

Well, it seems my image of a recruiter being a nice, one-on-one relationship with a bit of career counseling thrown in is fairly delusional. After posting on a discussion Group on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=77194&goback=.ana_77194_1298112536674_5_1.gmp_77194.gde_ 77194_member_43939810.gmp_77194.gde_77194_member_4 4265925) I was shown this article on WSJ: 10 Things Employment Recruiters Won't Say (http://www.smartmoney.com/personal-finance/employment/10-things-employment-recruiters-wont-say/). It's a real eye-opener, though I must say, not particularly surprising. The most interesting thing to me is the scanning of the resume for keywords thing, as well as the dangerous and somewhat skeevy possibility that your resume may end up on your current boss's desk. Lucky for me my current boss can't read. :O

The best advice: Network. 80% of jobs are found through networking and referrals. (So that means, what? Among my chances are, er.... you guys? :D ...oh crap.)

Anybody have any experiences to share or advice to give on this?

(FWIW, my profile on LinkedIN, being updated this weekend: http://www.linkedin.com/in/teddillard)

19 February 2011, 1101
http://tbe.taleo.net/NA7/ats/careers/searchResults.jsp;jsessionid=0630B96636A16D3429473 C2E7CCEAB31.NA7_primary_jvm?org=TESLA&cws=1 ?

19 February 2011, 1233
My advice on "green" jobs is not to limit yourself. There are lots of ways to save energy and contribute to the "green" movement in new and old technolgies. Think in terms of where your particular skill set might be helpfull and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Lighting, heating, cooling, construction, controls, and of course transportation all have huge green efforts but always could use fresh infusions. Don't forget the environment directly either.

P.S. I have had mostly negative experiences with headhunters. They are a necesary evil in some cases, but they are mostly sales people who will say or do anything to close the deal. I have been lied to more times than I can remeber by "recruiters"!:O

19 February 2011, 1732
I am affiliated with "Green Globes". All that Lighting, heating, cooling, construction, controls, you spoke of and the field is expanding.

It has extending my position with the Co I work for ....indefinitely.

LEEDS is another area to look into.

20 February 2011, 0627
On the subject of thinking and looking outside the box...
Majora Carter: 3 stories of local eco-entrepreneurship

(I heart TED.)

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20 February 2011, 1732
The biggest hurdle to entering the green sector is the relatively low # of jobs. Alot of people fighting for few jobs means employers can be very picky. This is true even for engineers whom employers look for very specific speciality skillsets. ChemE's also tend to be in more demand (battery chemistries). It's interesting that most of the green companies round here are looking for marketing & sales right now. Guess they start off with a handful of engineers then fill in other positions when they're ready to go to market.

P.S. I have had mostly negative experiences with headhunters. They are a necesary evil in some cases, but they are mostly sales people who will say or do anything to close the deal. I have been lied to more times than I can remeber by "recruiters"!:O
Headhunters can be a fairly incompetent bunch. There's really no degree required to become one, they literally take anyone off the street that has decent communication skills to do recruiting. And when it comes to green jobs forget it, of the small % of decent HH's, an even smaller % are familiar enough with green jobs to be of any use. Every time I've mentioned "green" to a HH they nod & smile and I never hear from them again.

20 February 2011, 2023
Any engineers want to work in the LED bussiness in Cleveland? We have 35 openings as we speak!
I have been searching the country for 3 LED optical engineers for the past 6 months with little success. Lots of LASER optics guys, but very few with practical lens experience for general illumination work. Experienced mechanical, thermal, power electronics, project and material science engineers who want to work in an exploding green field should PM me for further details or check out http://jobs.gecareers.com/. (Although not all positions available are listed on that particular genral site.)

22 February 2011, 0119

A blog of someone's experience finding a green job. Took him 12 mo, alot of sacrifice and no recruiters.

22 February 2011, 0453
Great link, chef, thanks! I reposted that on my blog (http://evmc2.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/green-job-search-advice-paul-grana/)... In fact, it's inspired me to start a whole subject thread there on the EV job search.

I especially like his advice, "Burn the Boats"! (I think I'll listen to his podcast at work. With the volume up. That oughta light a boat or two on fire, huh? :D)

22 February 2011, 1333
Good luck :D The hardest part of that process is giving up a [decently?] paying job. In that respect it's easier for new grads to stomach.

22 February 2011, 1447
... giving up a [decently?] paying job.

Thanks... (un)fortunately for me, that isn't too much of an issue. The joys working in the photography industry... :O

23 February 2011, 0344
Just found this post talking about recruiters: http://wisemansay.co.uk/2011/02/agency-interview-10-recruiters-part-2/?goback=.gna_77194.gmp_77194.gde_77194_member_4460 9163

The rest of the blog looks really good, for anyone looking for jobs, too.

24 February 2011, 0829
^ is it me getting dumber or are these bots getting smarter? lmao!

oh wait. that's ME! (thanks Mike, love your sense of irony.)

25 February 2011, 0700
Just found this post, there's more there than the title implies: 7 Tips For Cyber-Stalking a Potential Employer (http://www.talentzoo.com/news.php/7-Tips-For-CyberStalking-a-Potential-Employer-/?articleID=9456). It's about evaluating an employer based on their track record. Something that in this market of vaporware and venture-prospecting, seems like a good thing. Hell, based on the promises and claims of my last two jobs, it's a good thing in any market.

This is via http://www.talentzoo.com, really a great site- targeting the creative/ad industries, but good stuff all around. Also, a site http://www.glassdoor.com, for checking peoples reports on companies. (Sort of like http://www.ratemyprofessors.com, and yeah, I'm hot.) :D