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19 February 2011, 1748
Hey guys, I've wondered about this for a while, but haven't noticed it being mentioned here. In a lot of interviews I saw last race season the riders remarked about throttle delay. In that, acceleration wasn't immediate, and just something they had to anticipate.

Is this something that can be tuned out? And is it just on race bikes, or do you guys experience it as well?

19 February 2011, 1839
Good question. I've never experienced that on my bike, nor the Enertia I tested, so I was a little baffled when I read that too.

19 February 2011, 1945
The main reason is because of the relatively high moment of inertia of the motor rotor (particularly the axial gap Agni type) compared to the crank/conrod/piston combo of an ICE setup. This effect is even further exaggerated when you consider that from standing starts for example, the ICE motor is already revving and the clutch is used to 'tap off' the torque. At running speeds, the ICE gearbox is to a greater or lesser extent maintaing this high crank speed, and therefore doesn't suffer the acceleration/decelation as much as its electric counterpart.

Is this something that can be tuned out?

Not tuned out, but minimally a clutch, and ideally a gearbox would go a long way to minimising the effect. Sorry guys, it had to come up again :)


19 February 2011, 1959
Could you go into a greater description of the effect? I am almost with you. And, just for reference sake, the interviews I've seen and read, the riders were mostly talking about when they were coming out of corners.

20 February 2011, 0819
The fellow that is working on my GPR-S says that my controller was set for a 4 second delay. He was wondering why that was. What Magicsmoke says makes sense. It probably takes a few seconds for my 60 pound motor to slow down to a stop when braking in regen before it is ready for forward motion.

20 February 2011, 0921
What kind of controller are you using? Many are not able to be adjusted and some just put a driveable ramp to use as safe a take-off as possible. This feature will also keep from dumping all your power on starts so that you will have some range on the batteries.hard starts will drain a battery pack quick.

20 February 2011, 1558
My Sevcon controller will do all sorts of things - all you need is the expensive programmer and the operating manual for the controller and the programmer (both of which I have as computer files - if anyone needs them).