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28 February 2011, 1341
Who wants a car anyway ?

Hello folks.
I've been slowly (snail's pace in fact) bring things together to make an electric car. I have a Reliant Scimitar with a fantastic chassis and fibreglass body. I have an old AEI 15kW motor and a pile of good lead acid batteries.

To go from there to a working machine is going to take a lot more money, money that the recession stole from me, so I'm going to sell it and I was planning to rebuild my old 1981 Kawa Kz550LTD custom this year so the car is going and the bike is in ! I hope I can afford some decent cells with the money I make on the car!

For a living I'm a site service engineer, looking after one of the fastest inkjet printers in the world (2000 sheets per minute full colour) and that keeps me busy, and the bike would be good recreation.

Watch this space, but like, not every single day......


EDIT : Forgot to mention that I'm also working on a cell voltage monitor system. Currently located on the Yahoogroups site

28 February 2011, 1358
...fastest inkjet printers in the world (2000 sheets per minute full colour

wait... WHAT?? :D

28 February 2011, 1402
wait... WHAT?? :D

Yeah, please don't ask for a free print run though ;)

28 February 2011, 1423
I want NAMES! Models! Specs!

...oh, and welcome to the group. :D

28 February 2011, 1443
Lol okay.
This is the baby of the family, prints at 75metres/minute at widths upto 500mm, both sides at once

I'm currently installing one of the faster machines nearby which requires two print engines and runs at 150m/minute
It uses 80 printheads 10 for each of 4 colours on each side)
Each printhead, made by Kyocera, costs 8000
Weighs about 15 tons
Runs with 14 HP servers and 16 HP 'blades'
Requires a 100Amp 415V 3-phase supply supply and 140Amp 240V supply
Originally built to order by Myakoshi in Japan
Ink 'refills' pack 17L of ink in a boxed polythene bag, which costs 800 and lasts about 2 days
Resolution is 600 x 600 dpi
Ink droplet sizes are modulated on the fly, anything from 7 picolitres to 12picolitres per drop is possible, depending on the print quality required.
It can run non-stop for a week (stoppiong just to put on a new reel of paper) and in that time will manage to print about 8million A4 sized pages.

It's surprisingly quiet too :)

It is aimed to serve the 'transpromo' print market, which is when you get your bill for satellite TV and at the same time news of the latest offers. Also print bank statements, cheques (has magnetic ink printing facilities) and leaflets of all shapes and sizes.

The next machine I install will be at an Inland Revenue office, to print the majority of tax related paperwork....and before anyone asks - if I could give you a rebate I would give myself one first.

Nuts & Volts
28 February 2011, 1445
Ted you are only allowed to get exicted about electric motorcycles on this forum! Go share your joy somewhere else :) ;)

Welcome to the club, good luck selling the car

Edit: Ted never mind, that is a hell of a machine. 17 Liters of ink to refill, holy crap!! What kind of things are printed with these??

28 February 2011, 1528
mmmmmmmm. 80 printheads. mmmmmmmmm. printheads. mmmmmmmm. 7 picolitres.

ah. oh. right. OK. ummm. OK, keep the motor and put it into your bike, yo. now. where were we... did you say 14 servers and 16 blades? holy crap.

28 February 2011, 1529
Who wants a car anyway ?
I hear you on that note. I've owned 5 vehicles in the 2 years I've been on the road and none of them a Car. With a luggage rack setup on my bike, I wouldn't need one in the future either.

Welcome to the forums, you are sure to get a warm welcome by all that tech heads with a job like that, and I can see that you've already been greeted warmly by Ted ;)

To gently push this thread towards a bike related topic; What kind of bike are you looking at getting your LTD to become?
Range on a charge, top speed, acceleration, total cost, those kind of things :)

28 February 2011, 1544
Hello Coninsan
I don't have anything too drastic in mind. The motor for the bike came out of a 24V golf cart. Because it's so heavy i would like to think I can go for lithium cells if I get enough money.
I live about 15 miles from Edinburgh but would like to think I could do a run into Edinburgh and back. I can get charging in Edinburgh while I'm there so not really too bothered. Top speed of 50mph or 70mph continuous, because I can travel two different routes into Edinburgh each with a different limit.
Everything else I want to be as good as I can get staying within my budget.

I haven't sat down and worked out the limitations, but with a 24V series wound motor and a 38V 400Amp motor controller I guess it could go reasonably well, to a point.


01 March 2011, 0453
mmmmm. media... does that print on standard-surface paper, or does it need an ink-jet type media? ...is this for the "Print on Demand" market?

Oh... wait. Bikes. Right. On the motor, maybe not, I take that back. I'm not sure that 24-38V is going to give you enough for a bike. I'd think you'd want to run at least 48V or, better, 72V to get the rpm range up there. What's the weight of the golf-cart motor you have?

01 March 2011, 1247
Nope, ordinary paper works, can even print newspapers. lastweek we were printing ballot papers for the upcoming Ugandan elections. The problem doing a job like that was that as soon as soon as one batch was printed some of the candidates had been murdered. Oh well, theres money in the reprints.

As soon as I get my act together I want to do my own motor controller. I think i can probably go upto 46V-48V at a push with what I have now. No idea what the motor weighs......I'll edit this message in a minute after taking the bathroom scales into the garage..BRB

So, about 22kg of motor (not the most reliable scales but...) I'm about 85kg, No idea abou tthe bike sans engine ?