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Thread: 80 times more energy per kg than today’s best Li-ion batteries

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    80 times more energy per kg than today’s best Li-ion batteries

    "Israeli company Alchemy Research offers a new method to power electric cars by using energy stored in aluminum grains."

    Here is the link to the article.

    I don't know if the physics of this is possible but it looks like you need a 900 C reactor which could be a problem on a motorcycle.

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    Until they can turn lead in to gold I'm not sure I'm going to trust anyone by the name of Alchemy Research.

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    Been tried before. This US Dept. of Energy paper from 2008 a few offers an assessment of the aluminum-water hydrogen production methods known, with an emphasis on suitability for vehicular applications. The conclusion was not promising.

    They don't think the conversion rate is sufficient (which Alchemy's process may or may not resolve). The reaction is highly exothermic, so heat removal (already an issue with the fuel cell) is an issue. And overall, when you consider the large amount of energy consumed to convert the aluminum oxide back to aluminum powder, the overall efficiency is <30%.


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