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caza replied to the thread New Member, want to start a Kymco Spade Conversion..
" Thanks for the response.

I'm not totally against it, but for a few reasons I'm trying to avoid a hub motor. I'm not too concerned about the typical unsprung weight complaint, but one of my main goals is to keep the build simple and bolt-on.

Looking through Biothunders thread and images confirms some challenges that I'm not really interested in taking on for this particular project. Needing to possibly have a custom swingarm mount for the right caliper and bracket and then modify and weld the bracket onto the swingarm, etc all adds complexity to a project that I ultimately want to keep as simple as possible.

Mounting a mid-drive motor seems much more straightforward to me, even if it digs into my battery space. Mid-drive would allow me to leave my stock brakes and structure entirely in place.

I took some measurements, and assuming the mid-drive motor has an 8" diameter, I would easily still have space for a 3KWH pack out of salvaged model 3 cells. Which should be plenty for me. "

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Hugues created the thread ElectricGT anyone ?.
" Hey guys,

long time no post here,

I've been thinking about swapping my 26 Leaf cells for a while, range is down, would like more.

I've found this site:

Contacted them and started to make some rough cut simulations. Looks like I could fit 10 of their OX Drive Energy modules.
In their 6s version, that would give me 22.2 kWh for 112 kgs, quite an improvement on range from my Leaf cells at 13 kWh (when new) and 96 kgs.
I would pair the 10 modules 2by2 to bring the voltage down within the range of my Curtis 1238-7601 (max 125V), to get 82V when fully charged, vs my current 106V (with probably more sag than electricGT ?).

Wondering if I would feel a significant decrease in torque on my HPEV's AC-23 , chart here for 96 V nominal:
and here for 72V nominal

Otherwise if I connect them 10S I would end up with 164V fully charged, would need to upgrade my Curtis controller to their latest, and also upgrade my Orion BMS to get more cell taps.

Anybody has dealt with electricGT ?


from Switzerland
https://www.facebook.com/zvexx.motorbike "

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Stevo replied to the thread BMW and Energica EV news.
" BMW coming out with a suit to ride emc's on the moon!! "

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jordan325ic created the thread Little Tomos moped.
" Hello all,

I found this little moped on the side of the road with a "free" sign. 2009 Tomos, came with no motor or wiring harness. Cut open the gas tank and had a 48v10ah battery custom sized to fit into that slot. D/C-D/C converter runs the stock headlight/tail-light/brake-light/high beams. Cable-driven speedometer recessed in healight bucket still works. 1000w golden motor rear hub motor kit from goldenmotors.ca. Internal wiring, controller under the seat. All-in parts total came to $800

25 mile range, 25mph top speed with a smaller rider. With a huge rider it's 20mph, 20mi range, bike lane 'legal'. Pre-covid when I lived in the city it was faster to get across town on that due to Austin, TX traffic. Now I live in the country but it still finds uses.

Anyway, just a hello!Attachment 8521Attachment 8522 "

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Spoonman replied to the thread New Member, want to start a Kymco Spade Conversion..
" Looks like an idea candidate for a hub motor based on that usage profile.
Simple, costs effective and space efficient.

Biothunder has a well documented spec here for his effort which will provide you with links to the sort of components that you're after: http://elmoto.net/showthread.php?t=5195

There are literally dozens of ways you could go about this though, so the above is just to provide you with a baseline to tailor from. "

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caza replied to the thread BMW and Energica EV news.
" BMW shows us a concept scooter with a seat not made for a human, energica shows off real bikes you can buy today in a shape you already know and love. "

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caza created the thread New Member, want to start a Kymco Spade Conversion..
" Hey all.

Been an avid fan of electric since I was a kid. Sold my Zero SR recently, but I still want an electric bike. I want to convert my kymco for some fun around town.

It's a little 150cc motorcycle. It's great as is, but shifting is a drag after riding the zero for so long.
Attachment 8520

I could really use advice on picking components. I would like it to be as powerful if not more than stock. (12.5hp @8500 RPM 8ft-lb @7000rpm) But I also want to keep the cost down as much ass possible. I'm not looking to make the grom-reaper or anything. Not a freeway bike, but targeting 60mph as a max speed just so I can keep up with traffic on the 40mph roads around me would be nice, but it does not need to sustain that speed.

I want to fabricate it in a way where everything bolts on and I can return to stock if I choose. This should be pretty straightforward with the way the ICE mounts to the bike.

The Kymco gets it's speedo and odo straight from the rear wheel, so I plan on leaving the stock instrument cluster and just adding a small voltage display for monitoring the battery.

I'm been looking at parts from monenergy, kelly, goldemnotor, etc and it's really hard to know what's actually going to be worth my money and what would be overkill for this project.

Most recently I've been fixated on this kit from denzel. Seems like it should be powerful enough for my goals, and the price for everything they include in the kit is hard to beat.

As for the battery, I was aiming for 72v, building it myself. Not 100% sure which cells I will use. I plan on building the battery after everything else is mounted and ready, this way I can maximize the batteries shape and size.

Any input is appreciated! "

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Spoonman replied to the thread 2021 BMW Vision DC Roadster.
" No chance. "

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Richard230 created the thread 2021 BMW Vision DC Roadster.
" Check out minute 12 of this otherwise annoying video. Could this bike actually be making it to BMW showrooms next year? I certainly didn't expect to see this EV arriving that soon:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIERVhZeSqE "

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Richard230 replied to the thread GM's new battery design.
Quote Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
It wont take too long to see salvage yards get em. YAYYYYY!!!

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Stevo replied to the thread GM's new battery design.
" It wont take too long to see salvage yards get em. YAYYYYY!!! "

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Richard230 created the thread GM's new battery design.
" An article in my newspaper today, written by Tom Krisher and published by the AP, says that GM has announced a breakthrough in battery chemistry. It will potential double the capacity of their batteries and cut the price by 60%. This could give their EV Bolt a range of up to 450 miles and should be available within 5 years.

"The new battery cell chemistry now undergoing early tests at a lab inside GM's suburban Detroit technical center, can hold twice as much energy as the company's current electric vehicle batteries" and will "also cost 60% less than current battery packs now in the GM Chevrolet Bolt", according to Doug Parks, GM executive VP of product development.

"The chemistry, which will use lithium metal anodes, will help GM package battery cells for a wide range of vehicles at different price points and ranges, Parks said. The new battery cells also will be used by Honda, which is partnering with GM and battery cell supplier LG Chem of Korea."

"He said GM will build its own batteries to take advantage of economies of scale as more electric vehicles are sold. 'We'll learn it. We'll perfect it. We'll scale it and we'll ride that cost curve down', Parks said."

So don't expect to see these batteries being sold to individuals any time soon. "

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Podbuilder replied to the thread Podbuilder.
" Well that was entertaining. Thanks for the link. Steering this bike is hard. The road needs to be flat and the balancing act on cornering requires concentration. Thus the swap to more bike friendly tyres. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Podbuilder.
" I was going to comment on the slow steering in the video. I thought it was because of the automotive tires. Here's an interesting video on the use of car tires on motorcycles
Maybe it's just riding technique adjustment ?? But the BatPod is Batshit crazy cool !! LOL

Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk "

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Podbuilder replied to the thread Podbuilder.
" Version 2 will has a few adjustments to the design. I'll make the handle bars slightly wider at the elbows and increase the front fork centreline offset from the bike to allow the wheel to turn a little more. Might use slightly larger diameter metal on the handle bars as they flex just a bit. Im going to use Vee Rubber Tyres but have a 2nd set of Hoosiers tyres for show.


Im using the headway cells again but the 8ah cells that have a 10c rating. I'll build a 24s3p pack. I'd like to have better acceleration to have more control of the steering. "

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