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ZeroFret replied to the thread 1972 Honda CB350F conversion.
" When you talk about the motor from Revolt, are you talking about the India company? If not, do you have a link to the motor you're talking about?

Cool project by the way! "

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rfndzc replied to the thread 1972 Honda CB350F conversion.
" Hi Tyler
I saw some of the controversy over the Revolts over on ES but some of that is old and the latest iteration (E series) seem to have addressed issues. Was originally looking at AC induction, but that was way to large and inefficient for this space. Plus I don't want high revs, I specifically want low revs and high torque. I almost pulled the trigger on a golden motor, but started comparing niche manufacturers and found Golden a little mediocre. I found Revolt (likely through ES) and reached out. None of the other manufacturers came close to the customizability that Revolt offered me and I opted for a 26kv for ~1600rpm max loaded. All the power goes into low rev torque, plus it is an outrunner, so extra torque there as well. Plus, at the price there was simply no contest. Anyways, thanks for asking. So far am very impressed with the build quality and the customer service. Will have to put the motor to use before I can say for sure. No regrets though.

As for the batteries, I'll add a pic now. Picked em up off alibaba a few weeks ago. That was the real variable in all this. How much power can I fit into this frame... Everything else derives from this initial exercise for me. I wanted to get to 72v and 100ah but couldn't find a battery that I could fit 22 of in this frame. Then, I simply found one. The trick was getting the thinnest profile in order to fit as many as possible in the space to increase voltage (it's like the old integrals in calculus, thinner dx maximizes coverage) and using cell length to compensate and maintain significant Ah per cell. These are 27*137*260 and I managed 23 (@ 3.2 nominal = 73.6v, 100Ah each). Am using the original motor mounts for the battery cage, no frame modification was done whatsoever which is important to me for aesthetic and maybe spiritual reasons. Will have to trim back the plastic side panels so I bought a spare set on ebay to mess around with.

The Kelly controller is a touch undersized (140A, I'd like 200A continuous), but I can't fit anything larger that still fits this frame. The Alltrax looked great but they don't have a PMAC controller (they are working on it though, so maybe a future upgrade for me). Curtis are stupid expensive and you pay double just to be able to program it... Kelly is just more sensible for this project.

Here's a pic with the basic layout as I went about designing the cage:
Attachment 8425

Thanks for the interest. Lmk if I can be of any help on ur build.

Edit: to be clear, Kelly rates their controllers at peak motor current, so mine is 340A by that measure. But it is 140A continuous. "

5 Hours Ago

tylerwatts replied to the thread 1972 Honda CB350F conversion.
" Hi
Thanks for sharing your build.
What batteries are you using?
Have you bought the motor yet? Seems experience on endless sphere forum says get a QS mid drive kit rather. Just FYI as I am researching my build.

Tyler "

21 Hours Ago

rfndzc created the thread 1972 Honda CB350F conversion.
" Hey all,
Great to find this community here. Am making headway on the conversion project Iím working on, a 1972 Honda CB350F that I picked up in January. Spent the first couple weeks on design and getting the parts. Have since started on fabrication for the battery cage. Will post pics if I can figure out how...

72v 100Ah lifepo4 (23 cells!)
Will run 10kw max continuous (battery power), 25kw peak (at the motor).
Kelly controller and a Revolt 160E outrunner

Attachment 8423Attachment 8424 "

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cmcnall replied to the thread Electric snowmobile.
" A lot of colleges in the north USA have electric sled competitions. Mine did. They are horribly inefficient, fun, but low range. We also had a clean sled team for quiet ICE sleds with real mufflers and they honestly were amazing with very little engine noise. There is just very little market for either. I think E-dirtbikes with a timbersled rear is my next step. "

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Spoonman clicked Likes for this post: Arduino Based E-Bike Control Computer by Chri5

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ZeroFret replied to the thread Ultracapacitors again.
" I donít know enough about the technology to really say anything constructive, but the promises theyíre making sure sound nice, and if they can deliver I hope to be an early adopter. "

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ZeroFret replied to the thread I Draw Motos Sketchbook Kickstarter.
" I ordered one. Havenít received it yet, as there was delays in shipping due to the pandemic. But hopefully it comes soon. "

3 Days Ago

bj97301 replied to the thread Arduino Based E-Bike Control Computer.
" Got a link to the code? GitHub? My id is bj97301 on github. "

4 Days Ago

Spoonman replied to the thread Another n00b enthusiast just vampiring up the place.
" Welcome aboard dude. "

4 Days Ago

ZeroFret created the thread Another n00b enthusiast just vampiring up the place.
" Well, thanks to being ordered to stay at home by the governor, I finally got around to doing some research and finding this place. Been meaning to do this for some time, so I guess itís time I start taking these crazy thoughts seriously.

My name is Paul. Professionally, Iím a bicycle mechanic. In my spare time Iím doing a cafe racer thing to my Ninja 500R. Currently Iím on the custom fairings part, then thereís some lighting stuff, then paint, then registering and riding it.

But I know that every time I fill it up with gas, a little part of me is gonna die inside. Along with, you know, the environment. So ultimately I want to do an electric conversion. My budget is low, so Iíll be buying parts little by little, but thatís fine because it will give me time to read up here and learn whatís what, and hopefully make an informed decision.

Iím sure Iíll have lots of questions, but Iíll try to spend time reading here before asking them.

Cheers and see ya on the forums. "

4 Days Ago

tylerwatts replied to the thread Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE conversion.
" I think that is a typo, it's a 4kw rated motor, probably does 12-14kw max with the new controller.

Tyler "

5 Days Ago

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gregjet replied to the thread Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE conversion.
" That's a huge amount of torque for a frame designed for muich less.
One of the greatest handling road frames EVER. Might be worth de-powering a little, though itwould be fun to ride it like it is.
I reckon an RS250 running chassis would be a better match for that much torque.
Would love to see a pic or better yet a track video!!! "

1 Week Ago

gregjet replied to the thread Looking for a Supercommuter ( buy or make).
" Do you know how slow FB20 normally aspirated XV's accellerate...lol. I haven't had a car this gutless and heavy since the 70's.
Before I had it reflashed, it was without low end torque... since reflash , slightly more than no torque. My girlfriend's Hyundai diesel van gets up to speed faster ( not a joke. It actually does). "

1 Week Ago

furyphoto replied to the thread Looking for a Supercommuter ( buy or make).
" I doubt the ER10 will accelerate any faster than your Crosstrek. Definitely not to 100kph. "

1 Week Ago

Richard230 created the thread New GM battery tech.
" There was an article in my newspaper today regarding the new GM "Ultium Battery Technology". Here are three quotes from the article written by Peter Douglas:

"Pioneered in conjunction with LG Chem, Ultiums will compete with the incredible batteries made by Tesla. They are fashioned from interlocking cells that are encased in a polymer instead of metal, and they use 70% less cobalt, a problematic metal. GM will mass-produce them at a new plant in Lordstown, Ohio. They hope to drive battery costs below $100 per KWh, reducing the price of their EVs considerably."

"The Ultium battery cells can be stacked vertically or horizontally to produce lighter batteries in an endless variety of sizes and shapes. The flexibility will allow GM to customize battery configurations for a wide variety of vehicles. Battery capacities will theoretically range from 50 to a whopping 200 KWh. GM claims that their largest arrays will deliver 400 miles on a single charge."

"Most Ultium vehicles will run on 400 volts and accept rapid supercharging at 200 KW. GM's electric trucks will crank the voltage up to 800 and supercharge at a blazing 350 KW!" "

1 Week Ago

flo replied to the thread Sachs xtc 125 conversion.
" Hi all,
as i just commented in another topic i guess i could update on the sachs.
Got it out of its winter place about 10 days ago but only had the opportunity to ride it 3 times since then, by now weather turned winterly again and for corona we are not allowed to leave our homes.
Anyway, got hold of a lump of tool-steel for the 14 tooth sprocket but in winter my buddy could not fabricate the new adapter and now he is housbound as well. Further mods will just have to wait i am afraid.
On those 3 trips the little bike performed awfully and reliable as ever, range it seems has not dropped and there is still not noticeable more voltage drop during acceleration than last season.
I have not bothered to balance the pack after hibernation, just wanted to take a few rides, there has been a little drift which i did not bother before storage but it has not worsened..0,8mV between all cells max (time to balance actually) - just like it was in november. Guess i have more than enough time on hand now to do it..
I am still not happy with its front beams, the led lights do not help confidence to drive in the dark, supposedly these are 2000lm but perform more like a "day light".
So i have to look into that again..
Taking care about chain oscillation at a certain speed has been posponed until i have tried the 14 tooth sprocket so no news about that either..

Hope you all out there still healthy and stay that way!
All the best

Flo "

1 Week Ago

flo replied to the thread Looking for a Supercommuter ( buy or make).
" HI
as your last post sounds something quite different to your first one i guess things look more promising.
As said in answer 2 by spoonman 100k at 100kph are not realistic.
40-50k at 100kph on the other hand are quite achivable in my opinion. And a conversion for that goal won`t break the bank either.
Take my build for example:
Converted sachs xtc 125 fully faired 100 € after selling the parts not needet.
Motor Me1115 (12 KW cont) plus Kelly 96?? for 1400 together
Bats in my case 22s 90Ah ( 7,2 KwH aprox 5KwH usable) about 1500 or go with used bmw modules (2x12s for about 1200 here in Europe atm as i just found out)
charger 200
other parts aprox 700
registration and mot 170
So for about 4200€ i have a bike going 125 max, accels in about 5,x sec,
range is 45-50k minimum at hooligan it on backroads, or 75 by doing 90 on sort of highway roads (sorry i am in germany do not know how you d be calling them- cars only between towns but limited still to 100kph)
point is, if i go somewhere within 50k i do not even think about range, as long i know i can charge on destination.

Assuming your 16k on highway and another 24 at slower speeds does not sound like a big problem to me, if you can charge on destination, a 80 roundtrip is easy. (mine takes like 2,5hrs empty to full).


flo "

1 Week Ago