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DRZ400 replied to the thread First E-Moto project underway '10 Zero S rebuild.
" Great find!

Agni brushes last about 2000 miles. Easy to inspect, just remove cover. You can buy new ones as I did last spring. "

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Duck-Stew replied to the thread Hi from the UK.
" Leaf owner in the States here. Less and less infernal combustion in my garage... "

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mcress replied to the thread Hi from the UK.
" Hi, another Leaf owner here down in Kent, finished my first motorbike conversion last year too..... And agree, no going back! "

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Duck-Stew replied to the thread First E-Moto project underway '10 Zero S rebuild.
" Torque: shooting for ~85 ft/lbs, Power ~50 hp, & range ~40-50 miles. I’m trying to hit about 60% of what a newer used Zero sells for, but for a little less $$ & learn along the way too. "

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Glover replied to the thread First E-Moto project underway '10 Zero S rebuild.
" Hi there - new to EV life. Excited to see your project take shape. Wondering what torque / power / range figures you're aiming for / how comparable to the newer models Zero released etc. "

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Nicman replied to the thread Electric miniature race bike.
" Zero makes an electric racing style dirt bike. I would say if you could get better hp/torque while sacrificing range you’d be best off. 16x500m=~5.0 miles. I get about 25 miles from 11 Nissan Leaf batteries. (About 90v)
If you are charging on 230v in between, you’d be fine with about 5KwH of power before having too much voltage sag to affect motor performance.

Compared to gas, the torque is amazing, so if you find a motor with equal HP, you’ll have a huge advantage over ICE if you keep a similar weight.

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Stevo replied to the thread Electric miniature race bike.
" Are you thinking size like Yamaha YSR 50? I use to race a YSR 75! What a blast that was! Of course I couldn't compete with the guys running bored out kx 80 big wheels with racing slicks!!! Ahhh those were fun days!

Anyway, the most affordable way for you to go if I was building a YSR type roadracing pitbike, I'd find a cheap older two stroke 125 dirtbike, like mid 1990's, get 4 Nissan Leaf modules and open 'em up, rewire all the pouches in series, get a Altrax AXE4834 and a Motenergy ME909 And you'd be there bro. I just happen to have an AXE4834 ready to ship with a set-up contacter,(fuse,diode and resistor). All you need is the batts, (which I can also sell 4 to you), the motor, and a chassis. Hmmm... I'll keep my eyes open for a chassis near me. I think this might be a fun toy. I might just have to build one for myself
Unfortunately, there is no cart track near me that I could go sneak onto like I used to back in the day "

6 Days Ago

Wobblyas created the thread Electric miniature race bike.
" Help needed to scope out some ball park specs for a race bike project.

I am a complete novice on electric vehicles but have a basic understanding of electrical stuff. So please be tolerant and excuse me in advance if I say dumb things or ask silly questions.

I want to scope out some ball park specifications for a mini race bike. I have quite specific performance goals for this bike.

I have done a bit of race bike fabrication before and modifying my steel donor frame and motor and engine mounting is something I feel I can manage.

The first step is to scope out what it would take to create an electric bike with competitive performance to a 20 hp miniature motor bike with 11 ft/lbs of torque that weighs 85 kgs. The bike needs to be able to complete 16 x 35 second laps around a 500 metre long kart track. The bike will not need an onboard charger as it can be charged in pits from a 230V power supply and external charger.

I guess I need to know as a starting point to see if the project is feasible is the following?

1. A rough estimate of how many hp and ft/lbs of torque I might need given that I will be trading off hp in favour of ft/lbs with and electric engine.

2. How much battery capacity I will need to complete 16 laps of above track (16 laps includes warm up and return to pits laps). I have two options to consider here for doing multiple sessions in one day....having extra battery capacity and topping up between sessions or using hot swap batteries). Bike will need to be capable of doing about 4-5 sessions in one day with about 1 hour between sessions.

Once I have scoped out the basics I can think about what motor to use, what controller to use, and what battery pack to use or assemble. "

6 Days Ago

aggrc created the thread Hello from North East, US.
" <Insert Not A Bot Joke Here>

I am totally clueless, dont mind me while I wonder around looking for information.

Purchased EX500 (2/13/18) to convert. Owned one before loved it.

Considering AC motor with ~76 volt pack (LiFePo). At this point nothing is set in stone.

-Aggrc "

6 Days Ago

Richard230 replied to the thread Electric motorcycle purchase rebate.
" I think I just recalled that IRS form 8910 used to be the one that allowed someone to take credit for electric conversions of IC vehicles, but it looks like that form is now being used for the likes of 4-wheel fuel cell powered lumps - and probably H2-powered cages, too. The form instructions seem to go out of their way to state the the credit is only for vehicles having four or more wheels. "

1 Week Ago

Richard230 replied to the thread Electric motorcycle purchase rebate.
" Here are various government documents regarding electric motorcycle purchases. But they seem to only apply to purchase of a new vehicle. However there may be some other location in the tax code that applies to conversions.
https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8936.pdf "

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Richard230 replied to the thread Electric motorcycle purchase rebate.
" I just checked with my tax guy and he tells me that the IRS has not updated their EV credit tax form. He says that he will keep checking and let me know whenever they get around to doing so. In 2014 they didn't update the form until March - and that was when the revised tax law became effective the previous December. Plus, the IRS had a much larger staff back then. I bet they don't get that form updated for another month or two. With all of the changes in the tax law for 2018, those guys are really going to be busy. "

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Nuts & Volts replied to the thread Sold: 13x 2012 Leaf Modules 50AH.
" Sold

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Richard230 replied to the thread Electric motorcycle purchase rebate.
Quote Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
I downloaded the forms to run past my taxguy... I wonder if a DIY conversion qualifies!!
Originally the rebate did apply to conversions, but I don't know about now. My recollection from the first time I applied in 2010, there was a separate form for conversions. Later I discovered that I had used the conversion form, instead of the purchase form, but I still received my rebate for the purchase of my GPR-S. I think the IRS has bigger fish to fry when it comes to checking on electric motorcycle purchases and conversion credits. My guess is that if you can make it past their computer system without raising any flags, no one will even look at the form and will just give you whatever you asked for.

The last time I applied for the rebate in 2014, I did so electronically and you were required to provide your VIN, along with other information about the purchase. If you didn't have the right VIN, manufacturer name, or model, the electronic form wouldn't accept the input. I guess that information must have been provided to the IRS by the vehicle manufacturers. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Electric motorcycle purchase rebate.
" I downloaded the forms to run past my taxguy... I wonder if a DIY conversion qualifies!! "

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frodus created the thread SALE: ME1507.
" For one week, I'm selling ME1507's that I've got in stock at a discount. Get them while they last!



Located in Oregon, and will ship within the US. Can ship international, but it's very expensive for this motor due to weight. "

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Richard230 created the thread Electric motorcycle purchase rebate.
" Leave it to our Congress to do something weird. For 2017 electric motorcycle purchases did not qualify for the 10% government electric vehicle rebate (up to $2500 right from the Treasury Department). However, when Congress passed the recent 2018 tax law, they inserted a provision that the rebate would be applicable for electric motorcycles that were previously purchased in 2017 (when the rebate was not applicable), but it is not available for purchases made this year. So they are rewarding a previous purchaser like me, but are providing no incentives for an electric motorcycle purchase this year. The original reason for the rebate was to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles so this new law doesn't make any sense to me. But that is our Congress for you. See this article: https://electrek.co/2018/02/09/ev-ch...extended-2018/ "

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Stevo replied to the thread VOR.WORX.EMC.v3.0.
Quote Originally Posted by Nicman View Post
Congrats! I look forward to seeing your progress. I couldn't decide if I wanted the ME1616 or the AC20. They have very similar performance specs. That SevCon gen 4 size 6 is awesome!
It fits absolutely perfectly, like the frame was intentionally designed for it.

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