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Warren replied to the thread another 6-speed electric motorcycle concept.
" I guess RIDEOLOGY means shifting gears, and a range of 62 miles. :-(

https://www.facebook.com/Kawasaki.RI...3765513675134/ "

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Spoonman replied to the thread another 6-speed electric motorcycle concept.
" There was a faired version of that at Motorcycle Live in Birmingham last year - they had no spec at all to offer at the time.
The uncle is headed over this year so I'll ask him to keep a lookout. "

7 Hours Ago

furyphoto replied to the thread Desktop CNC anyone?.
" A quick update, I have spent a good chunk of time this week dialing in settings for cutting aluminum on my Shapeoko, and getting decent results. I still would like to work on my finishing passes a bit, but I am getting nice cuts.
I devised a little self assignment project to work on from start to finish to get my head around the CAD design, CAM tooling, work-holding, and cutting and finishing and engraving within the limits of my desktop machine. Here are the most recent results. Not a motorcycle part, but good practice. Parts coming soon. (not 10 months from now, like since my last post!)


In case you were wondering, this seat-belt buckle looking thing is a tool to remove the battery from a MSA G1 SCBA (Firefighting air pack) so that the proprietary lithium batteries can be replaced while the packs are mounted on the truck without digging out the waist belt, where the built in tool resides. I made these to sit with the spare batteries in the Fire Hall, so that battery swaps can be done easily and quickly without removing the packs from the truck. (and to practice my CNC!) "

13 Hours Ago

Richard230 created the thread another 6-speed electric motorcycle concept.
" Looks nice, but why 6-speeds and will Kymco build it for the market or is the Revonex just for showing off the brand?
https://electricmotorcycles.news/kym...llen-ko-video/ "

1 Day Ago

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Alex_J created the thread I Draw Motos Sketchbook Kickstarter.
" Hey all, just stumbled on this new kickstarter campaign for a sketchbook for motorcycle design. Definitely aimed at regular combustion engine bike design, but I'd thought I'd share: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...eference-guide

Might come in handy for doodling your dream EV Moto "

2 Days Ago

jhaggerty replied to the thread Yamaha Fazer.
" I know this is way late, but what type of range were you getting with your 13 leaf modules before the controller blew up? "

2 Days Ago

jhaggerty replied to the thread 1994 Suzuki RF600 Senior Design project Leaf conversion.
" Some updates:

The bike now has over 500 miles on it with an average wh/mile of around 130. Only minor issues so far (crossing my fingers it stays this way) like the chain falling off from being too tight and popping the master.

Since I'm only getting 25 miles per charge and about half the nominal capacity of my pack and I plan to commute to my new job at Chargepoint in San Francisco on this I decided to spring for the new 2018 leaf modules. They are about a 60% increase in volumetric energy density and will put the nominal pack size at just over 11kwh.

I'm having a mystery noise show up every once in a while from a stop to low speed that sounds like something grinding. Hoping it is rear wheel bearings and not something mysterious in the motor, though after a chat with Ed it sounds like these motors are pretty bulletproof (as long as you don't go drag racing pushing 800A through them....)


I've cobbled on a 2004 CBR600RR tail fairing with some slicing and dicing and am planning to add in my J1772 inlet, charger controller and 3.6kw homebuilt onboard charger before moving to San Francisco. The charger is working out quite nicely so far and I have been regularly charging at 30 amps. This probably isn't great for the batteries since it is close to 1C at their real world usable capacity, but I don't plan to have them for much longer and it will be closer to 1/4C of the Gen4 leaf modules.

On a side note I have 10 Gen 4 leaf modules that I would like to sell. They seem to be pretty rare and usually sell at a premium. I don't want to offend anyone with a ridiculous price, but I also need to recoup some $$ before the big move, and the process of buying, shipping, moving, and opening a full leaf pack without a proper shop ain't gonna be easy. Feel free to make an offer if interested. "

3 Days Ago

jhaggerty replied to the thread 2021 Energica models.
" They look awesome. Incredible to me that they fit almost an entire 1st gen leaf size battery in there! (21kwh vs 24kwh in the leaf) "

3 Days Ago

Richard230 created the thread 2021 Energica models.
" Here is the latest from Energica. While the article says they are 2020 models, we won't see them in the U.S. until 2021 considering that the Energica bikes being sold right now are labeled as 2020 models: https://electricmotorcycles.news/ene...my2020-models/ "

3 Days Ago

jhaggerty created the thread 16.6 kwh of Nissan Leaf Gen 4 batteries (2018) 1.66kwh per module lot of 10.
" Hello All,

I will have 10 2018 nissan leaf modules for sale sometime next week (keeping 2 sets of 7 for personal use). These are larger capacity than the Gen2's (56 Ah per cell vs 33 Ah per cell in Gen 2's) and are the same shape. I will have some real world test data on them as soon as I get mine in the RF600 hopefully next week.

Currently the only other ones available are marked for pickup only in Canada on ebay at $500 per module. Make me an offer for the amount of modules you want and I may be able to deliver them if you are on route from New York to San Francisco.

Here's some info:https://pushevs.com/2018/01/29/2018-...ry-real-specs/


James "

4 Days Ago

Spoonman replied to the thread A new Aussie Electric Bike fan.
" Busa is one of my favourite chassis for a conversion - acres of space and a stunning, fully faired, wrapper.

Shall be watching with interest - welcome aboard! "

4 Days Ago

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Richard230 replied to the thread A new Aussie Electric Bike fan.
" Welcome Aesonique. Keep us informed as your plans to electrify your Hayabusa jell. The size of that bike should give you lots of options. But it won't be easy. "

6 Days Ago

Aesonique created the thread A new Aussie Electric Bike fan.
" Good evening all.

First up, I'm Paddy Charlton-O'Shea. The rules said I had to post within a week or I'd be auto ejected (which would kinda suck) so this is my 'getting to know ya' post.

I've wanted to build an electric bike for quite a while, but since I had a bit of a stack that ruined a Hayabusa and left me unable to swing a spanner for a bit I had had to put it on the back burner.

My imagination has thrown up a tonne of ideas in the mean time, from an electric 'Busa - which would be awesome but hard to get both range and fun - to an electric assist tilting quad pushbike.

Now I'm back in the saddle, both figuratively and a new 'Busa, and ready to make sparks fly. "

6 Days Ago

Frank replied to the thread Chinese charging stations.
" I believe they are moving forward with renewables at a rapid pace but they are so big it won't happen overnight. And charging ev's with fossil fuel generated electrons will still generate less pollutants than driving with ICE's.

Sent from my SM-T380 using Tapatalk "

1 Week Ago

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Richard230 replied to the thread Chinese charging stations.
" Unfortunately, I read an article in my newspaper today that said that they were still generating most of their electricity with coal-powered plants. The Chinese are going to have to something about that, but using a lot more electricity for transportation isn't going to make that easy. "

1 Week Ago