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Richard230 created the thread KTM considering swappable batteries.
" KTM wants to collaborate with Honda, Yamaha, and Piaggio regarding standardizing swappable batteries. But will the big guys actually be interested in using the idea for anything but city bikes? https://electricmotorcycles.news/ktm...r-and-piaggio/ "

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flo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Hi
thanks for your concerns.
There will be a diagonal brace tie-ing the motormount onto the front holder of the battery, as well as two braces tying the motor mount to the battery. All designed in already. Only i posponed milling it for checking discrepancies between drawing and reality.
Yes the ICE is a stressed member on this bike, as far as i recall the first production bike using it this way. The brace however, tying the cylinders to the frame, is quite laughable, considering the vibrations the engine outputs ..
With no rider on it and no riding forces it will be ok for the next 48 hrs, i am sure.

Attachment 8607

Flo "

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Stevo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" The distance between front and rear wheels elongated on those conversions that Electro Flyers mentioned. Try taking some accurate measurements of distance between front/rear axels to monitor any frame stretching.
The good thing about the aluminum delta box frame is that its very rigid and strong.
I suspect you'll know pretty soon on some test rides how much flex you are getting. "

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Electro Flyers replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
Quote Originally Posted by flo View Post
flo, I strongly suspect the ICE in this bike is a stressed member of the frame system. Without the engine bolted in, there may be excess flexing and possible cracking near the welded joint in the main side spars. One way to prevent this from happening would be to add external diagonal bracing between the front engine mount and the ares of the frame near the swing arm pivot. This type of problem showed-up when people were working with some Ninja 250s.
In place of separate diagonal braces, some people have tied their battery box and motor mounts together; and made them strong and stiff enough to serve the same function. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Beautiful! Its looking very good.
I call those "circlips" but I'm not sure what the real name is LOL
Looking forward to seeing the final weight!! "

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thunder replied to the thread eAssist AC Induction Motor.
" Interesting thread, I am looking to put it on a 1988 KDX Kawasaki woods bike, got a few questions
should I use version1 or 2 of the motor I seem to believe there are major differences in the two both in voltage and rotor ( I believe ver1 rotor has PMs embedded in an aluminum core)
15hp would be equivalent to the old two-stroke engine could anyone recommend a voltage for the battery pack and controller options...

Thanks all "

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flo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Well, if it carries on like this it will weight a ton by the end of the week
Guess i need to put it on a strict diet from now on.

After getting in the axle into the bike and securing it by two of those clips seen in the pic (anyone care to tell me how they are named- translator only gives out rubbish) it was time to heave the battery in place.
With the help of my friend Robert this 60kg lump was carried upstairs and dropped in within minutes.
Front of the battery got screwed into the brackets while the back got a new holder milled and glued on (glue drying atm so this is just temp fitting)
Attachment 8603Attachment 8606

Also got the front sprocket mounted and aligned with the chain.
starting to look like a bike again
Attachment 8604Attachment 8605

stay tuned "

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flo replied to the thread New here, the browsers sign "Connection is not secure".
" Hi,
i did get that message too, but never cared.
Now i get "invalid redirect" and have to go to forums main page manually-
something still weard in my eyes. ( not that i know anything about computers that is)
flo "

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jazclrint replied to the thread Full Hybrid to PHEV upgrade?.
" Battery pack: given that I will not have the size constraint of a motorcycle, I am thinking of adding a 7kWhr-ish pack running at 300V with is own BMS. The stock pack has it's own BMS and is about 1.9kwhrs at 300V. It also can only output 35kWhrs, where the motors are rated at 60kW each, and there are 2 of them. They are housed in the transmission itself. I might have to upgrade the transmission cooler if I manage to start sending more power to the motors.

Anyway, what is a good budget build for a pack that size? And a BMS that can control output and input?

I'd like to add a used 32A or 40A charger so my wife can charge at home on her lunch break. Any ideas? Better yet, how do I get the truck to not move while charging, so me or my wife don't drive off with the charging cable still on plugged.

Any ideas? "

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jazclrint replied to the thread Full Hybrid to PHEV upgrade?.
" That's pretty cool. My only thing is I am satisfied with how the truck will act when towing. Both electric motors will kick in when the power is needed. Before ending up in the GM hybrid trucks this 6.0L Vortex was an HD motor, so it'll tow just fine. I am much more concerned with everyday commuter range and mpg. But it does make me feel like just adding a second battery pack might not required reprogramming the controller, if that is even possible.

Really, we haven't bought a truck yet, so I'm just arm chair engineering at this point. "

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flo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Hi all,
found some time to assemble the first parts.
Got the mounting plates in, as well as the Me1115 and mounted the Kelly.
Found a new place for the latter, which not only stiffens up the setup in left/right but also gets some weight further back and lower, to counter the battery weight a little more.
The controller will sit right in the former cooling cutout for the exhaust of the ice version. Of course it will need a little notching but otherwise the place seems perfect.
Even the cables could be used straight from the sachs conversion

Also found a new home for the CA, loosing some 125 grams of steel brackets of the former rpm and oil temp gauges.

Gave up on the Domino hall-throttle and did order the standard one instead. Well its a proven product so what.

Plan for the weekend:
mount axle and fit in battery.

stay tuned
Attachment 8600Attachment 8601Attachment 8602 "

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jordan325ic replied to the thread Cake wins a design award.
" I love the Ossa.... it's such a showcase for how EV design can be radically different from IC design. "

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