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Tirnipgreen created the thread 2007 Vectrix VX-1.
" VX-1 owned by an initial investor in the Vectrix company. I was told it was ridden once and has sat since 2010. Red, almost perfect, probably less than 100 miles if not 10. Vectrix helmet and T-shirt included. $2,800.00 in north Georgia "

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Spoonman replied to the thread Desktop CNC anyone?.
" Keep us appraised on your progress.

One thing I learned from that Stepcraft unit above is that you really need a solution which can take the entire g-code script onboard at the start of the job rather than relying on the PC to provide the code execution line by line as the Stepcraft does - any interrupt on the USB and it drops steps which makes for significant issues on longer projects. We started looking into using an Arduino based 'server' to act as a g-code executor for it rather than relying on the USB but never really progressed from there and it's just been sitting unloved for a long time now. "

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Spoonman replied to the thread Anybody having service issue with a Zero Motorcycle ?.
" Zero were at Motorcycle live in Birmingham a few weeks back.
Dale Robinson is the UK Country manager and could be worth dropping a line with your troubles if you haven't been talking to him already.
dale.robinson@zeromotorcycles.com "

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Stevo replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" An old buddy of mine, Dave Harte, had a Sears Gilera Attachment 8119
Of coarse it was cafe'd and painted racer orange! I'm sure he probably still has and rides it on occasion.
He used to duct tape a piece of magnesium to his boot to shoot sparks down the road at night by dragging his foot... until the popo pulled him over for a safety inspection!! LOL "

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Richard230 replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" I spent my teenage years obtaining all of my motorcycle information from the bi-yearly Sears Roebuck catalog that was dumped on our driveway twice a year. After checking out the women's underwear section, I would immediately move on to the motorcycle section of the catalog. The first time I ever saw a motorcycle designated as a "scrambler" was in the 1959 catalog. According to a fellow that I know who actually owned and raced an Allstate (Puch) 250cc Scrambler, those bikes were the real deal at the time and were quite capable of wining races. Unfortunately, apparently they were a little too hot for Sears' typical catalog customers and that Scrambler model was dropped by Allstate within a year of being placed into the mail-order market.

One thing about the Puch bikes that took me 40 years to discover was how they could have only one combustion chamber and yet have two pistons. I give the Austrians credit for designing a "split-piston" single, but that didn't help Sears sell all that many motorcycles and a few years later they gave up on catalog motorcycle sales - although they did give it a try in the late 1960's, trying to follow in the footsteps of the Japanese, without much success, again. And now where are they? "

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Ted Dillard replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" OK, found a great story that describes both the beginnings of the term "Scrambler" as well as current models:
https://motorbikewriter.com/are-mode...ly-scramblers/ "

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Ted Dillard replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
Quote Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
We never limited Cafe bikes just to Ducatis only.
Nor did, I suspect, anybody outside of the immediate environs of the Perica Garage . However, the only Japanese bike I ever even remotely considered "Cafe-able" was the RD350, which I did, in fact, blueprint and cafe. That said, yes, there have been a whole raft of pretty amazing cafe bikes built in the last years, including this Guzzi (what I think is a) factory build I saw last night:

Attachment 8117

I disagree on the "Scrambler" concept. I think it's a pretty specific build, rather than a pile of whatever you can throw at it, but that's just me. I DO know that THAT ain't no scrambler! (Or as we say in Boston, THAT AINT NO SCRAMBLAH!) "

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furyphoto replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" It's funny Ted, the other night when I posted, I did a search for scramblers and that Triumph image is the "THIS is a Scrambler"photo I picked to post too, then I got lazy and didn't post it.

This is my ICE Daily Driver, I call it a Cafe Racer:
Highly modified Honda 400 Cruiser originally, chopped and lowered to make it more of a street racer. That's what the roots of Cafe is to me, whatever bike you can get your hands on, lightened and modified to go as fast as possible. This one will do 130km/80Mi per hour. It's actually been modified more since this photo was taken, and I gots plans for more new stuff this winter too. (nervous to try a Ton run until I upgrade the suspension)

I think of a Scrambler as whatever bike you can get your hands on, modified for off road riding. High suspension, flat seat that doesn't get in the way when you are standing on the pegs, knobby tires. The Cafe Racer of off road, the DIY Dirtbike that you can ride on the road to the trails, and then straight onto the dirt. A precursor to the Dual Sport really.

Here are several bikes that clearly predate the SURU that I would say are worthy of the Electric Scrambler title:



In fairness, the one on the right in this photo is more of a dual sport.

I agree with Frodus about the SURU. It's a boxy over-sized electric bicycle, with silly Chinese rear motorcycle shocks that look totally out of place, and what appears to be about an inch and a half of front suspension travel (a measly amount for a mountain bike like 15 years ago, let alone a 2018 'Scrambler'). It looks like it was designed by Spongebob Squarepants.

If folks want to go out and design a new electric bike or motorcycle, that's awesome, and I applaud them for that. But, don't pretend that your creation is something that it is not. This is a capable but chunky electric bicycle, priced at about market fair value. It's a funky electric bike for on and off road cruising. I don't think there is an off road motorcycle enthusiast in the world that would agree that this even remotely qualifies as a scrambler. Also, a 10 second google image search will show you that it is clearly NOT the worlds first electric scrambler, so why is dude trying to steal that title. It's just bullshit. Play to your strengths, don't try to pull the wool over peoples eyes, they will call you out. "

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Stevo replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" We never limited Cafe bikes just to Ducatis only. An example of an exceptional Cafe bike could be a modified Honda 400-4 Supersport, or any of the Honda 4 cylinder supersport family could be cafe bikes with the right handlebars or clip-ons, 1/4 fairing, solo seat, rear sets, exhaust, carb and suspension mods, drilled out everything! We've come along way since the 70's!!

There would be any number of different make and model cafe bikes parked at the Rock Store or Newcomb's Ranch every Sunday morning. Some of them were amazing too! "

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Ted Dillard replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" I'm about as old as you are.

Everything I can say about cafe bikes is here: https://evmc2.wordpress.com/2013/03/...nd-obsessions/ "

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frodus replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" Ugly. "

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Stevo replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" I grew up in the 1960-70's (I'm an old fart) and I always thought a cafe racer was any street legal "race bike" modified from anything... anything goes... no modification restrictions whatsoever. When I think of "scramblers", I think of Hare and Hound Enduros (sometimes called Scramblers) of yesteryear. The kind of races Steve McQueen is famous for, and my good old friend Roger Langevin used to compete with. Those were the days! "

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Ted Dillard replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
" Oh for the love of ****.

It's not even remotely reminiscent of a scrambler. What a load of shit. It's also ugly as ****. There are also several other bikes that have been around for years that are just like it if not better. Stealth, for one. https://www.stealthelectricbikes.com...h-b-52-bomber/

THIS is a ****ing scrambler:


"Created by international award winning motorcycle designer Michael Uhlarik, the SURU Scrambler aims to expand the potential market for powered two wheelers. “There are so many people who love the look and feel of cafe racer and dirt tracker style motorcycles” observed Uhlarik. "

First, Michael of all people should know better, but I've had my issues with stuff he's said and done with Amarok. (He's been nothing but a perfect gentleman to me, though. But shit, Mike, just stop it.)

Second, if I hear some numbnuts refer to almost anything they want as a "cafe bike" I think my head is gonna essplode. "

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V75011 replied to the thread Anybody having service issue with a Zero Motorcycle ?.
" In Europe if there is a hidden defect - a part lasting much less than you can reasonably expect - then you can make the dealer pay for it, and the dealer then turns against the maker. I'm sure that there must be something similar in the US - a company can't advertise for a premium, 500.000 miles vehicle if it has such a short lifetime.

I can't replace it myself (the part is quite expensive), so i'm counting on Zero (i can't imagine they validate that they are making 12.000 miles bikes. If it is the case, they'll die very soon) and on my insurance (they will do the legal process, and they already discourage from buying Zero). In the meantime i'll have to buy another bike. "

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furyphoto replied to the thread World's first electric e-bike "scrambler".
Quote Originally Posted by Mandres View Post
It's not a terrible design, but claiming "world's first" is some pretty bold marketing. As in "look out, don't step in the marketing".
It's also NOT a Scrambler, That part is apparently "marketing" too.

It's the world's first Electric Scrambler in the same way the Rumble is the world's first Electric Cafe Racer. "

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furyphoto replied to the thread Desktop CNC anyone?.
" SO, Like 3 and half years later.....

Ordered one of these on Black Friday

In all fairness to me, I did start this thread before we moved, and I rebuilt and entire house by myself, so I've been a bit off the 'time for personal projects' thing for a bit. I'm looking forward to getting back to finally putting my bike on the road.

The Shapeoko3 is a hobby grade desktop CNC. Runs on g-code, so it can accept instructions from a lot of different 3D software. I will be using a Makita palm router in mine, with 1/4 and 1/8 inch bits mostly. By all accounts it can handle aluminum fairly well for hobby projects. In fact, some folks are getting some down right gorgeous, pro looking stuff out of this machine. (check out this Vince guy https://www.instagram.com/vince.fab/ )

I ordered the smallest version, which has a working area of 16"x16"x3" that will be sufficient for the parts I'm doing, and a bit of woodworking stuff around the house too. The largest is about 36" square working area.

My machine hasn't arrived yet, so I am busy making a home for it by redesigning the layout of my entire shed, which I will start shuffling around next week. I really haven't organized any kind of workspace since the renovation, so this is a good motivator. My evenings this week have been busy drawing up some parts, and getting familiar with software.

Here's my motor mount with the CNC toolpaths:


There will be a learning curve, so I will be doing a bunch of test cuts with scrap wood, and simple shapes in 6061 Al until I get it sorted out. But I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. I just like to make shit!

I am dreaming up all kinds of crap for this machine. I even have an ambitions cut planned , but it can wait until the bike is ready to roll, so I have a bit of time. This one will be 7075 T6 AL. I will need way more time with Fusion 360 before the part is even close to ready to be cut. I have to get the little lightning bolt pattern thingys from the left of the screen onto the sprocket, and I don't know how to do that yet!


If anyone has experience, and can offer advice for someone new at this, I'm all ears. CHEERS! "

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