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Stevo replied to the thread Power in Flux excerpt: The Blade.
" Right?!
I first thought that they had designed an adjustable rake on the front end. I always thought that would be an awesome idea, and to one day automatically adjust the fork rake on the fly. That could help some of the geometry issues with telescopic forks. "

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Richard230 replied to the thread Power in Flux excerpt: The Blade.
" I can't believe that the Motor Parilla brand has returned. I remember their motorcycles that were being built for just a short while during the early 1960's - before the company went belly-up. But they sure didn't look like that "bicycle". "

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Stevo replied to the thread VOR.WORX.EMC.v3.0.
" I also newly discovered a minor heat issue on the + side of the Battbox.
Some strategically placed Si pad and foam insulation to protect wires and lid was needed.
I also needed to fab a better fitting water pump shield:

Now I need to get back to work and fab up a stiffer dashboard and LED lightbar mount... the one I made proved too flimsy. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Your "OTHER" projects.
Flo, do you have any video of the jet in action? I think we all want to see that beauty in flight! It would be cool to put a gopro in the cockpit!!

I finally got the time to work out some issues with my highly modified MinnKota Hobie Outback YakAttack kit!
I spare no expense in silicone goop, unlike the factory's penny pinching cost cuttin...%$#%&*@
These need to be waterproofed well, especially for use in saltwater. No water can get down the shaft. I learned that the hard way!
Cu corrodes fast, so all the terminals need to be protected also.
Attachment 7975
Attachment 7978
I learned babushka from the Russians and Kate Bush!! The Battbox inside the bigger box which straps into the cargo holder behind the pilot.
It has a tethered kill switch. I cant tell you how many times I almost couldn't catch my 440 jetski back in the day. They were supposed to circle around you, which generally worked, but not in choppy water.
Attachment 7976
Attachment 7977
And yes, the kit can be made to order!
I'm wondering if I could use my old Alltrax Axe 4834 to run two of these trolling motors in parallel. I can build a "Twin Screw" YakAttack kit for the bigger Hobies!! "

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Dspernick created the thread Hello from Georgia.
" New member here. I am a retired spark chaser and two wheel anything lover. I own an older Moto Guzzi and and have thought about a conversion. Maybe I will have to play around now. Great site. I love seeing what other people have dreamed up. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Thoughts on the Rumble.
" That's disappointing. What an inconvenience. I hope Rumble helps you out and make it right. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Power in Flux excerpt: The Blade.
" Look how far e-mountain bikes have come https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-YyKy8WWmo

I'm impressed... I want one now! https://www.stealthelectricbikes.com/ "

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nedfunnell replied to the thread Quiq charger fault?.
" I also use a 72v Quiq with 11 Leaf modules. I use a different alg to charge to 91.188v (nominal). I haven't noticed voltage creep, but I have always had a slight (and variable) difference between the nominal setpoint (91.188), what I see on the CycleAnalyst, and what I see with a calibrated multimeter. When you think about it, 0.01v on a 100v scale is 0.01% error. Getting anywhere near that precise requires really expensive equipment- so unless you're using a $200 multimeter to take measurements, I wouldn't worry about it. "

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Functional Artist replied to the thread 1980 Kawasaki 440 LTD 8kW conversion-Workin' toward the conclusion.
" Once I had a proper battery pack charger, on the way, I was confident enough to tak 'er "out" for a spin (just, around a few blocks & only discharged the battery pack down to ~43V)

All I can say is, Oooh, Baby ...just, Oooh, Baby

Here is the video of my first ride with the Volt lithium battery

& here is the video of my second ride. (same day)
I had my daughter Desteny record this ride for me, to get it from a different perspective.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNEltShaPIE "

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Macosie replied to the thread Thoughts on the Rumble.
" No review yet, because I haven't been able to register it. I didn't get documentation from the customs broker. Waiting on Rumble and the shipper to respond... Been a while.

Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk "

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Functional Artist replied to the thread 1980 Kawasaki 440 LTD 8kW conversion-Workin' toward the conclusion.
" Now that she's all ready to go & we have meters (to monitor "the battery") next was to search for a "proper" charger

Remember, this 2kWh section of a Volt battery is 45V nominal/average (NOT 48V) & the "safe" usable voltage range is 3.3V per cell (39.6V) to 4.1V per cell (49.2V) so, a standard 48V battery charger with either a 50.4V or 54.6V (top charge setting) will not do

Looking for a "smart" charger that can be preset to a 49V top charge was an "uphill battle".
I sent messages to Shauer (here in Ohio) & many, many others, most said that they couldn't help me (?REALLY don't you'all make/design/build battery chargers?) & others said they just "sell" premade units.

I finally found a few that said they could get preset chargers, like an ElCon 1,500 ($569.00+ shipping) @ EVwest
(but they were "ridiculously" expensive, even more than the battery itself)

I found the same charger @ EVAssemble ($340.00 + shipping)
then, Michael @ EVAssemble messaged me back & told me about a "new" ElCon 1,800 ($225.00 + shipping)

I messaged him back "I want one". He asked about some battery pack details, but then I never heard back (ever)

Still looking, I found the same ElCon 1,800 for the same ($225.00 + shipping) @ EVComponents
so, I sent them a message, "I want one". The same "Michael" guy answered & asked the same questions
I gave him the same answers & haven't heard back from him (same guy) either

Later, I found this 15A Chevy Volt 12S Li-ion charger ($300.00 delivered)
In the specifications it says: "Voltage can be lowered to a lower number if you do not wish to charge your battery full"
I said to myself,yes that's what were looking for, but I was concerned about the 15A charging rate because while doing battery charging research, on solar forums, I remember reading that for normal charging they recommend a charge rate of ~20% of the battery packs AH (capacity rating) so, for this ~50AH battery pack, a 10% charge rate would be 5A (very slow or maintenance charge), a 20% charge rate would be 10A (slow charge) & a 30% charge rate would be 15A (faster charge)

Then, I found Yewi, a "Chinese" co. that would make chargers "to order", for like 1/2 price (I hate the way the places that sell EV stuff mark stuff up SO much) & they get their chargers from China too.
So, I ordered a couple of their Yewi UY-600 (48V 10A) lithium battery chargers, to save a few bucks & for a slower "proper" charge rate (to hopefully help this battery pack last a long, long time)...we'll see how it goes "

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markcycle replied to the thread Motorcycle Design (Ideas and Inspirations).
" Art Gallery introduction of the Bike
Attachment 7974 "

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