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8 Hours Ago

Ted Dillard replied to the thread Ride Videos - Tips and Tricks.
" OK here's what I've got. A little more detail from you on what you did would be helpful, but with what I've got, here goes.

Most of the GoPro cameras that I could find shoot MP4 files, but with a codex Windows doesn't like. Here's a good explain: https://www.easefab.com/gopro-workfl...vie-maker.html Finding out what camera you used would help, but it's a good guess this is the issue based on what you've said.

Using a third-party converter is pretty common for video work, and it generally doesn't compress, it just transposes. I'm a little baffled as to why you couldn't do that with the GoPro Studio software, and I'm still not convinced it's a result of the conversion to MP4 you did, but until you confirm that the original GoPro files are better quality and don't have the compression issues in the final video, I got nothin'. If it were me, in your place, I'd just cut the thing in GoPro Studio anyway. It has all the tools you need:


Cut it, export it, game over.

I get you're not looking to be a professional, that's kind of the point. I'm trying to give you a simple, easy, low-no cost high quality option. Cutting videos is tedious and time consuming, at least in my opinion, and it kind of bites when you've invested all that and the quality isn't what it could be.

There's a remote possibility that the appearance is from your final export settings out of Windows Movie Maker, if you chose a really aggressive compression or resolution option, which Windows tends to let you do without giving you fair warning. Seeing your settings when you exported would answer that. "

16 Hours Ago

Richard230 created the thread The latest California motorcycle warnings.
" I visited my local BMW shop today and they were required to place the attached warning card on every one of their motorcycles, both new and used. I hope that made some regulator happy. What will be next? The mind boggles. And I bet that auto dealers don't have to place those tags on each new and used car. "

1 Day Ago

Ted Dillard replied to the thread Ride Videos - Tips and Tricks.
" ...still looking for an answer to this.

Which model GoPro do you have? "

1 Day Ago

Stevo created the thread Front wheel stand.
" I want this out of my garage and I'm giving elmoto users first crack at it. Keep in mind that whatever offer you make on it, I will donate 10 % to elmoto.net. . buyer is responsible for shipping costs.https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...cbbee3e76f.jpg

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1 Day Ago

frodus replied to the thread Electric Race Kart build.
" I doubt I'll ever do a bolt-on kit for motorcycles. The electrical can be a kit, but brackets, battery box, etc, that's all going to be custom for just about every motorcycle build. One guy wants a VFR, another wants a Gixxer, it's too much $$$ to invest when it might only sell 1 or 2.

The thing about Karts, is they're pretty standard chassis dimensions and format. Things are made to be fairly standard. Motorcycles, not so much.

Here's a video of their kart:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_ahrI7TrRw&t=42s "

1 Day Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Electric Race Kart build.
" That's the perfect direction you should head: Build and offer model specific kits that anyone can convert in their garages with the right skills and tools.
VFR, GSXR, V-strom, R6 and R1, Hayabusa,.... Shit, I'd rather just buy a kit then do it all myself if the kit was complete with everything needed.

Nice Kart BTW....WE WANT VIDEO!!!!LOL! "

1 Day Ago

frodus replied to the thread Electric Race Kart build.
" This dropped off a while while I was waiting for some mechanical parts from a company in Latvia. I've been working with them a little on their Race Kart, and they make a really nice bolt-on kit for several kart manufacturers. I'm hoping to bring them into the states to start selling as well. We'll see how this progresses, I might start selling bolt-on kits, including batteries.

I decided that I'm going to put some time and money into this kart. I might be upgrading the chassis, the motor might start with an ME1616, water cooled plate for the Sevcon, and some new custom electrical I'm developing with a couple companies.

Item 1) We're testing a bluetooth to CAN dongle that can talk to Sevcon and the Zeva BMS. That will allow users of Torque to make their own dashboard. More info here
Item 2) I'm working with a local company to make a 5" touchscreen LCD, IP67 sealed, CNC aluminum case that can connect over CAN to the Sevcon and Zeva BMS. We'll do a couple of skins, but it'll be plug and play with our Sevcon motor controller files for the me1507, me1616 and me1304 motors. More information coming soon.

Some pics:
Motor mount
Attachment 8061

Battery bracket for the battery packs
Attachment 8062

A picture of the Blueshockrace kart, assembled
Attachment 8063 "

1 Day Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Ride Videos - Tips and Tricks.
" LMAO... I'm not trying to start a new career!! I know what you mean about the blurred images though. That was intentional artistic license, btw. Right!!!

Still... not a bad little video for a very first attempt... you gotta admit! Comon...throw me a bone!!

The problem I was having with Windows proprietary software was importing straight into it with the gopro. I dont have a clue why it was so difficult.
I really dont want to spend too much time with this videography thing. LOL. That kinda work is for the pros like you!! "

1 Day Ago

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Stevo replied to the thread Alta Shutters.
" I've seen Mark Cuban invest in a Si Valley startup on the Shark Tank... it was a unique leaning electric vehicle https://allsharktankproducts.com/sha...tric-vehicles/

Seems to me that Alta would be a much better investment. "

1 Day Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Aerial Ace.
" Go Monster!!
Suzuki made the Gamma, also a square 4, but a 2-stroke... bizarre is right. "

1 Day Ago

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1 Day Ago

EVcycle replied to the thread The Juiced Drag bike progress post.
" Thanks!

Just having fun!

Attachment 8060 "

1 Day Ago

Ted Dillard replied to the thread Aerial Ace.
" Yeah, that's from Ariel Motor Co, a UK based company with a presence in the US as well. Here's their history:

If you look through that, in what, 2005 I think, Craig Bramscher brought the Ariel Atom 2 to the US, then pretty quickly moved to electric motorcycles with the Brammo Enertia.

They're the same company that brought a bunch of motorcycles to the world, starting in 1916 as well as bicycles and legit cars (again, on that link) including my personal favorite, the Ariel Square 4, a 4 cylinder motor in a square configuration, of which I've see one in person. Bizarre and cool.

Here's a piece on Bramscher getting it approved for registration in Oregon: http://mailtribune.com/business/bram...indeed-special

Yup, those trellis frames seem like they'd make great conversions. I've had my eye on the Ducatis for years now. "

2 Days Ago

Functional Artist created the thread Aerial Ace.
" Anyone ever heard of an Aerial Ace?

It's a motorcycle, not a "flying" ace or some goofy Pokeyman thing (IDK. it came up in a google search)

I came across it while doing research on the Aerial Atom.


It's actually an ICE bike (for now), but it looks (to me) like it would make a great electric conversion with the wide open design & the strength of that frame, I would think that it'll carry the extra weight of batteries well.

IIRC I've also seen some Suzuki's with a frame designed like this. "

2 Days Ago

Ted Dillard replied to the thread Alta Shutters.
" Based on what I've been told, not really in the Silicon Valley culture, as I explained above. I don't know the percentage, but there's a lot more tolerance and interest in emerging, developing tech. "

2 Days Ago

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2 Days Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Alta Shutters.
Quote Originally Posted by Ted Dillard View Post
The only episodes I've seen of Shark Tank, they were only concerned with potential profitability, not the nature of the tech at all, so yeah, no, I don't think you're gonna see that.
ya... doesn't that sum up 99% of investors? "

2 Days Ago