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Stevo replied to the thread Motorcyle Shipper anybody have experiance?.
" I think if I really wanted a bike, I'd drive 500 miles to pick it up. Now cross country 3000 miles is a different story. I've used Airfreight before. They used to have these big plastic boxes that you tie the bike down inside. I just searched and couldn't see that anywhere. Now you have to breakdown the wheels and tie down to a pallet. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Hi from Tasmania BMW K100 Electric..
" Video required!! "

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Nifty replied to the thread Hi from Tasmania BMW K100 Electric..
" Hello Guys. Itís taken the time it takes!!!!!! It lives.
The BMW K100e is mobile. And from a few runs down the road and back, its a winner!.Pulls in all gears from standing start, and cracks on in fine style.No figures on the important stuff yet,that will follow pending fine tuning of all parameters .
It has ,to me, great torque off the line,and giving it the berries mid stride, it really comes on. All done below the radar with no rego yet. I have an engineer who is keen to sign off on all Ive done. Stay tuned ,and i appreciate the interest . Nifty. "

17 Hours Ago

gregjet replied to the thread Super Soco TC video reviews.
" I liked the reviews a lot. Enough tech detail and practical comments. Real world riding.
I suspect the 64mph top ( streamlining) may be usual speedo optimistic error ( doubt she would lie about that). Needs confirming with a GPS.
If the top speed was actually true I would buy one tomorrow as it meets my supercommuter needs exactly ( single pivot suspension aside).
Need an Aussie version with the speed ranges set at 60kph/45kph/open, to better match the speed limits most often encountered. The 25mph is useless anywhere except a caravan park. "

1 Day Ago

Richard230 created the thread Super Soco TC video reviews.
" Here are a couple of perhaps overly-positive reviews of the 2020 Super Soco TC Max.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha2Q...ture=emb_title "

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dnsukraine replied to the thread Hi from Tasmania BMW K100 Electric..
" Nice start "

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donnybashirian created the thread Motorcyle Shipper anybody have experiance?.
" I'm looking to buy another bike, problem is the (2) I have found are located 500-600 miles away. Thought I'd ask if anyone could recomend a low cost quality shipper?

Thanks. "

1 Day Ago

Fisher replied to the thread Hi from Tasmania BMW K100 Electric..
" Welcome! "

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Stevo replied to the thread Sachs xtc 125 conversion.
" Hi Flo. Nice to see things have woke from winter sleep A-OK!
Are you running with a BMS installed? The one I am using from Thunderstruck is doing great... no more manual balancing for me anymore.
The convenience and peace of mind is worth the $$$ in my humble opinion.
I just put new tires on and reduced my drive sprocket down to a 13 tooth.... I forgot how fast this beast goes now but I'm still only getting about 42-45 (about 70 km) miles per charge. I really only use it for goofing around and riding to work, which is only a few miles ( I could walk ) so one charge lasts me all week!
Hopefully I can get 5 years of use out of these batts so some new battery tech can come our way! This thing keeps getting better and better!!
Like a good bottle of Rotwein... better with age! "

6 Days Ago

flo replied to the thread Sachs xtc 125 conversion.
" Hi all,
just hit 3000 km last weekend so i guess its worth an update.
Took off fairing this week to inspect.
As before all conversion components perform flawless, using lock nuts or locktited screws exclusively nothing has come loose, only maintenance so far being chain lubricant. Back wheel brake doesnt work too good anymore but thats nothing electric related.. will have to source a new one i guess..
Bats hold up fine, i do not see any degrading, and under power they still show only 0.1V dip per cell across the board.
Speaking of bats:
I had previously mentioned the cells "sitting" at slightly different voltages, as it seems i have been wrong.
Some of you might remember that i manually balance my pack (split into sub packs) using an rc charger.
A couple of weeks ago i bought a new balance charger, Model ISDT-8T, simply as it would balance up to 2 amps per cell/ channel and does active balancing while charging. As it is possible to calibrate the charger i went to my buddy Robert and we calibrated it using his high quality equipment.

Surprise, surprise, my cell monitors in the sachs cockpit still show 0,06 Volts difference after balancing. So actually the pack is just fine, only my monitoring is worth crap.
Need to find out if these can be calibrated as well...

Anyway getting the cells into balance is now greatly more convenient, i can get all 4 sub-packs done within 20 or so hrs. easy. As this is needed only every two weeks or so thats fine with me.

Oh - actually rode it in the rain this week too for the first time, without getting electrocuted- so i guess i must have gotten it right.

Stay save and healthy


flo "

6 Days Ago

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MegaWatt replied to the thread 1972 Honda CB350F conversion.
" Fantastic work! I like the fact you kept the bike looking as original as possible. I'm in the process of planning the same type of conversion on a Honda CT90 Trail. "

1 Week Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Honda Motocompacto.
" The white one looks like a sony walkman on wheels! "

1 Week Ago

Richard230 created the thread Honda Motocompacto.
" Honda looks like it might be coming out with a new compact folding mini motorcycle, similar to their earlier ICE Motocompo. This time it will be electric powered:
https://www.motorcycle.com/mini-feat...g-scooter.html "

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roadpupp replied to the thread Chinese E-Vader/E-Grom/E-Monkey.
" My 13 inch 72V 8000 watt QS motor should arrive in a few weeks. So far it is has been fun to tool around town but not fast enough or enough range at this point. So far I have upgraded to Honda Grom Forks and when I get free time, I will install the aftermarket shock and brakes/levers.
I have a 3000 watt Greentime controller rated for 80 amps at 72Volts. Rumor has it, this controller can be shunt modified to pass more current. Once the motor and controller are installed, I will be building a battery pack to handle the draw. "

1 Week Ago