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Richard230 replied to the thread KwSAKI Mk1 (Ex 500).
" That is a really nice job of integrating an electric power train and batteries into an ICE chassis. Probably the best job I have ever seen. "

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aggrc replied to the thread KwSAKI Mk1 (Ex 500).

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flo replied to the thread ElMoto for Berlin.
" Hi Mark,
welcome here on el-moto.
Your goals should be managable. Higher Voltage systems allow for lower current. But then high voltage controllers tend to be more expensive than the ones below 60 Volt.
Above 60 Volts you need to build to VDE Standards (like orange cable,,,).
I would suggest reading a few builds here to get a better grasp of what you really up to.
I am in Germany too and have finished my conversion last year.. pm me your number or mail adr. if you in need of help.

good luck with your project.

Flo "

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Nuts & Volts created the thread R6 Frame for sale with motor mounts, bat box and controller mount.
" Selling my R6 chassis from my old conversion. Clean title. Iíve moved on to a car conversion and parted most of it out. This was setup to house leaf cells, sevcon size 6 and a zero 75-7 motor. Has 420 chain setup and tires only have about 6000 miles on them. Will need a new subframe and a new regen lever. Broke these trying to lift it. Comes with seats, tail fairing, front fairing (aftermarket with light holes cut), low voltage wiring, throttle, maybe a few other odds and ends.

Frame has a seen a low speed low side but everything is straight and rides great. A few tabs have been removed and holes enlarged so converting it back is probably not a good idea.

Asking $500 for it. Located in Columbus OH. Willing to meet up maybe an hour or so outside. PM me if interested








Do not have batteries, motor, controller, or displays.

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markS created the thread ElMoto for Berlin.
" Hi guys, I just wanted to present myself: I am considering building an ElMoto for daliy commuting in my hometown, Berlin.
As I am an enthusiastic classic bike driver (I own a yamaha XS650), so I would like to use a classic lightweight scarmbler bike as donor, like a XT250.
My budget is something between 3k-4k, including restauration of the donor bike. For speed I woul like to go around 90 Km/h.
I have never to commute for more than 50Km, so that range would be sufficant for my needs, I hope I can save some cash using a smaller battery pack.
This is my first post here, thank you for letting me in this forum and thanx for sharing your experiences, I learn a lot from it!
I will continue reading and eventually asking some dumb questions, so please be patient with me
ride on
basically I am trying to figure out if I need to go for a mid-drive or a hub motor, 48 or 72 volts. any input or links to similar projects most welcome "

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Zero_Phobia replied to the thread 18650 Motorcycle - Current question.
" Fiinished! You can watch the video series here.
https://youtu.be/h3mI2W-zzVU "

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Richard230 replied to the thread NIU unveils 100 mph electric motorcycle, could usher in era of affordability.
" Here is another article regarding the new NIU EV's. The RQi-GT looks interesting, depending upon its price, availability and distribution in the U.S. That has always been the difficult part of marketing an electric motorcycle. Making them, selling them and providing after-sales parts and service. https://electricmotorcycles.news/niu...s-at-ces-2020/ "

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Richard230 created the thread Solid state battery discussion.

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Spoonman replied to the thread EV vehicle enthusiast and to be owner.
" Welcome aboard Filip! "

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Zero_Phobia replied to the thread Lifep04 or LTO.
" Thanks bud, I went for 3kw of Lithium titanate instead. I believe the first in the world for a elmoto. Bring on 20 000 cycles ���� https://youtu.be/LOzlIEErdeI "

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