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Richard230 created the thread Electric motorcycle racing article.
" Motorcycle.com has penned an article about electric motorcycle racing which includes a neat video showing the Mugen being raced around the IOM.
http://www.motorcycle.com/mini-featu...big-thing.html "

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Stevo replied to the thread Wiring Kelly for Brake Regen.
" Any pics yet? "

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Stevo replied to the thread The Juiced Drag bike progress post.
Quote Originally Posted by EVcycle View Post
I will let you know once we get it to the track.

Short power wires......
^^^^ Nice tip. I've been thinking of this as I design my batt box.

It's coming along nicely! "

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cmcnall replied to the thread Wiring Kelly for Brake Regen.
" Which Model Kelly? "

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dangdongho1 created the thread Wiring Kelly for Brake Regen.
" Nation,

We're well into a new build here in New Orleans, based on a 73 bmw airhead frame. Follow along here!

Need some help on how to wire the Kelly for Brake lever Regen. I ran release-throttle last setup, but want to free wheel. Can't figure out the wiring for this setup. Any advice?


Dang "

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EVcycle replied to the thread The Juiced Drag bike progress post.
" I will let you know once we get it to the track.

I will need to play with the programming. I gather yours will be more of a street application?

Short power wires...... "

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aggrc replied to the thread The Juiced Drag bike progress post.
" Sounds like you are moving right along! My project (another EX500) is using the same motor and controller. Id be interested in any tips and tricks you develop to get the most power out of it. "

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pyromancy5 replied to the thread Greetings from Ohio.
" Welcome. I'm also new to this, and in the Columbus area. I'm project planning at the moment. My plan is to build packs from 18650 cells that I'm harvesting from medical packs. I'm in the research stage, looking at BMS options at the moment, and still trying to decide on if I want to convert my nicely running ICE bike, or if I'm going to pick up a donor frame to build on. A scooter build is appealing as well. Can't wait to hear more about your project. Alex "

2 Days Ago

nedfunnell created the thread Stuttering with PMDC bike.
" Hey y'all, I am experiencing an issue with my bike that I want to see if anyone might know about. I have very rough power delivery when applying throttle. It previously was very smooth and linear, but now it's very choppy.

My setup:
ME0709 (updated brushes)
Alltrax AXE7234
Domino throttle
22s Leaf cells

I experience it more at partial throttle, under 55mph- but it may just be smoothing out with greater intertia at that point, or when the controller is at 100% duty cycle. I plan to get into it later this week and see if there is anything obvious like loose connections, but I would appreciate any tips on things to look for.

I am slightly suspicious of the Domino throttle since I laid it down on that side and the throttle may not have liked the shock. I am going to try and find an old analog multimeter so I can see how smooth the resistance sweep is from 0-100%. "

2 Days Ago

EVcycle replied to the thread The Juiced Drag bike progress post.
" Weekly update,

Front brake mount designed,built and installed, Front brake lines ordered, Rear brake assembly ordered.

Battery mounts designed, welded up and installed. Body design determined ( we will do a wrap for this project)

It looks like we will have to shorten the motor wires. Good thing we kept the heavy duty crimper from the last project.

The batteries and controller in the photo are just in the bike for layout purposes. We will do a finally install after it is all wired up.

Attachment 7646 "

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Johnny J replied to the thread Greetings from Ohio.

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frodus replied to the thread Greetings from Ohio.
" I'd do research. There are varied opinions on ZEV and the owner. "

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09Klr650 replied to the thread Greetings from Ohio.
Quote Originally Posted by Spoonman View Post
Before you go to all the hassle, see if you can track down a Vectrix VX-1.
Thank you for the recommendation. A quick look shows nothing even remotely close to me unfortunately. However I did run across the Zev. It's not THAT far to go see one (only 300miles). Anyone have experience with them? The past financial shenanigans of the founder do make me slightly hesitant to trust the company. "

5 Days Ago

theFREElaker replied to the thread Parting out old Project - Motors-Charger-Motor Controller-Batteries : Make Offer!!.
Quote Originally Posted by neromancer View Post
Hey Laker,

What's the lowest you'll go on the controller setup and which options do you have on the kelly? (high speed upgrade etc)

Also what's the specs on the battery pack you have there? The link seems to be out of date.

Hello, I only have one motor controller and the hub motors left actually. The controller is not high speed, its water proofed and has CAN, I think those are the only mods I had on it. For the controller, I would go $750. I had a guy who I sold the other one tell me that if you have a deal with kelly for OEM or production you can get this controller for $750 if I remember correctly. So I figure thats a fair price. "

5 Days Ago

Richard230 created the thread How to mount motorcycle tires.
" Here is a link to a useful video showing how to mount motorcycle tires the easy way. If you mount your own tires, this will be an interesting video to watch:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmFs...m_medium=email "

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Richard230 created the thread Converting a spoked wheel to tubeless.
" Here is a link to a video that someone might find interesting. While this is nothing that I would try, I know that other motorcycle owners who have standard spoked wheels would like to convert them to hold air so that a tubeless tire can be mounted on a wheel with spokes.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPzo...m_medium=email "

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Spoonman replied to the thread Need Advice.
" Just buy a full face lid with a pin-lock visor and be done with it. Only way to go, no more fogging regardless what the weather. "

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