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Ted Dillard replied to the thread Lightning "Enters Production".
" OH HECK, I dunno. Buy a bike that's a brand new model from a company that hasn't built an actual bike for 6 or so years and has bullshit about their specs and accomplishments since day one and has no dealer network, vs. spending a few thousand more ($16,495.00) for a bike that's coming from a company that's been in development and actual production for over 8 years, with constant refinements every model year and a model (last year's SR) that basically knocks everything else into the cheap seats, dollar for dollar, and coming out with a new model in a few weeks?

Yeah, that's a tough one...


14 Hours Ago

Spoonman replied to the thread Lark Streamliner EV motorcycle Project.
" Looks like a super interesting project dude and I really hope it comes off for you - but a sustained 10C from LiFe?.. can they do that?!?
..They're a bulky chemistry too.

They'll likely be fine for development but I expect you'll have to switch to a smaller capacity battery with much higher discharge for the event itself - assuming a runtime of 5mins or less you could get a sustained 200kW output from titanate packs very easily and a 12kWhr total should suffice and the pack would be significantly smaller and lighter. "

2 Days Ago

Spoonman replied to the thread Lightning "Enters Production".
" $13k?

That a serious shot at Zero alright... spec at that price will indeed will be the question, but I'd be lying if I said I weren't excited about a credibly faired alternative to the SR at similar money. "

2 Days Ago

Spoonman replied to the thread Another new electric city motorcycle.
" hmmm... caf racer pedelec?

Like the styling - is that a zforce motor or an updated Mars?
Wouldn't actually be surprised if it was one of the smaller Zero drivetrains. "

2 Days Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Lightning "Enters Production".
" I saw that several days ago and thought that maybe true competition is finally starting to show up. We'll see how it unfolds
So far, Zero is the only real and affordable option "

2 Days Ago

jhaggerty replied to the thread Another Ninja 250 Project.
" Whatever happened to this bike? I love the battery frame design and am planning on doing something similar for my RF600 build. "

3 Days Ago

Richard230 replied to the thread Lightning "Enters Production".
" I wonder what you get on that bike for the "starting price"? "

3 Days Ago

furyphoto replied to the thread Lightning "Enters Production".
" Oh Man, why does the imaging on this forum SUCK SO HARD!

To post a screenshot from my tablet at a reasonable size, I had to email it to myself, startup my workstation desktop, open the emailed image in photoshop, resize it (down), save it, then upload it to my ftp server, generate an http: URL, copy that, then re-post here and reference the online image I just uploaded, unclick "Retrieve remote file and reference locally", so that it will show up bigger than 7x7 fu*king pixels!

SHEESH, <s>just now.....
</s></s></s>about 20 min ago on my Instagram feed.
http://andrewdoran.com/_Services/pro...ightning01.png</s></s></s> "

3 Days Ago

furyphoto replied to the thread Lightning "Enters Production".
" Just now in my Instagram feed
Attachment 8141 "

3 Days Ago

Richard230 created the thread Another new electric city motorcycle.
" The low power electric motorbike startups just keep on coming. But how many will still be around in a year or two? I find this one interesting because it looks kind of like a home-built model and is clearly not trying to appear to be ICE powered. https://electricmotorcycles.news/new...ics-show-2019/ "

4 Days Ago

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larkmachineco created the thread Lark Streamliner EV motorcycle Project.
" Attachment 8138
Attachment 8139
Attachment 8140
I am new to the forum and it was suggested that I post on this forum to share my project with the EV motorcycle community.
I would love to hear from you guys about your thoughts and ideas!

I am building an EV Morotocycle streamliner to try to break the SCTA and FIM EV motorcycle record (hopefully above 250mph)

Some basic specs:
22kWh battery LifePO4 32650 Cells (salvaged from a dyno traction battery)
200kW motor and inverter combo (can't say what brand)
Custom chassis
DJ safety Parachete and Fire suppression system
Custom fabricated front end and R6 rear swing arm
Custom VCU (ardiuno based)
R6 cooling system and custom reservoir


Other fun engineering systems:
Body fiberglass
Retractable stabilizers
Automatic parachute release on tip over
System operating code
Battery disconnect unit

I've been trying to film some build videos for youtube.
Check them out over at my channel
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYy...ZF6cWWAiTYRHXg "

6 Days Ago

Leftfield created the thread E-Motorbikes, paid market research in the UK!.
" Hello everyone,

My name is Saffron and I work for a company called Leftfield (www.leftfield.co.uk).

We are working with an international design firm to help them carry out a market research project with Electric Motorbike owners, and people who are considering buying an electric motorbike. This is an opportunity to take part in a paid market research project (cash incentives offered for participation) and also to check out some exciting new prototypes that our client is working on.

We’re carrying out most of the research in and around Manchester and Sheffield, so would be especially keen to talk to anyone in that area to see if you’re able to take part.

If you’re interested, please pop me an email to saffron@leftfield.co.uk.

Many thanks,

Saffron "

6 Days Ago

Richard230 replied to the thread A dreamer joins in (for a future Honda Cub conversion, I hope).
" Looks nice, Supercub60. That should be fun to ride around town. Best of luck with your build and let us know how it goes. "

6 Days Ago

supercub50 created the thread A dreamer joins in (for a future Honda Cub conversion, I hope).
" Hi everyone,

I decided to join the forum as I've for some time now been playing with the idea of building my own electric bike, inspired by the Deus Bike Build Off and the Shanghai Customs electric Honda Cub conversions. I do find the clean aesthetics quite pleasing with the stamped frame, hub motor and hidden battery. In December I stumbled upon a Honda C50 on the German ebay and decided to jump at the chance, since I'd need to see everything in detail to evaluate if there is even a chance for me to pull off some kind of a conversion to electric drive. I've got some experience on modifying a couple of 2-stroke Yamahas, but nothing electric until now.

So the bike is a Vietnamese import, with a bit funky wiring and quite interesting frame features (kind of a combination of different production years, at least based on looking at the original Honda part diagrams).
The bike is registered as a "light motorcycle" (Leichtkraftrad in Germany) due to the official stated top speed being 75 kph, even though the motor's only 50 cc. Which in my eyes makes it a good project for the conversion since I won't be stuck with the max. 45 kph of mopeds.

Regarding the modification, I am aiming at something custom similar to the aforementioned eCubs. I was thinking of getting a QS 205 hub motor, preferably with a drum brake since I assume the German TV won't like brake system modifications much. The swingarm will need to be modified to get the hub motor axle in. For the controller, I've seen that QS suggests the Sabvoton controllers, which I guess are quite alright?

For the battery, I was thinking of as many 18650 or 21700 cells as possible under the seat. I hope 60 V (16s) will get me a cruising speed of 60 kph on flat. And the battery should be cased and removable, as I'd like to charge it somewhere safer than the cellar I call my building space, in case it all turns into a ball of fire. Need to measure everything out inside the frame to see how much space I really do have.
Also I need to run a 12 V system through a DC-DC converter, which I think might fit inside the original battery box on the side of the frame, just need to make the cover water proof.

So that's it, until now I've only had the time for short test rides and figuring out the DIY-wiring so I get the head and tail light working. I guess this season will be spent still on gasoline while measuring out the frame and planning the new components.

Any suggestions and hints are welcome! "

1 Week Ago

Ted Dillard replied to the thread Best Gearing for your bike..
" ...for those reading this thread after it's been de-boticized, it's getting hammered by every bot on the planet. "

1 Week Ago

Ted Dillard replied to the thread Best Gearing for your bike..
" the fuuuuuuuu? "

1 Week Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Sachs xtc 125 conversion.
" I love European plywood.... it's hands down 100x better than the 5 layer crap we have in USA. "

1 Week Ago