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nedfunnell replied to the thread Spaceweasel's GSX-R conversion for sale.
" No price? "

16 Hours Ago

Ted Dillard replied to the thread Zero SR/S preview.

17 Hours Ago

Spaceweasel replied to the thread Spaceweasel's GSX-R conversion for sale.
" Bump! I 'd rather sell all this together to someone who wants to build their first conversion than split it up into parts. Contact me with questions, or if you are near Denver I will buy the first round. "

19 Hours Ago

Richard230 replied to the thread Zero SR/S preview.
" Apparently, Zero has been running around asking some sites and individuals to deleate the news about their new SR/F model, since it was apparently leaked without their permission. They seem to have done that to the electric motorcycles news article that I linked above. On the other hand they don't seem to have had much luck removing the YouTube video that Ted posted. You know what the internet is like. Once it is out there you never get it back. "

20 Hours Ago

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Richard230 replied to the thread Zero SR/S preview.
" Here a photo of the side view. And I agree this Zero does finally look like a real sportbike. Better dressed than naked https://electricmotorcycles.news/fir...new-zero-sr-s/ "

1 Day Ago

Ted Dillard created the thread Zero SR/S preview.
" I knew if I waited long enough Zero would make a bike that looked like a proper motorcycle.



2 Days Ago

Richard230 created the thread A piece of Zero history.
" Attached is the first review that I can recall seeing of the 2010 street-legal Zero lineup as published in the November 2010 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. "

2 Days Ago

togo replied to the thread New motorcycle safety report published.
" I wonder if this research started when CHP observed bad trends in motorcycle safety and opened up the motorcycle training contract. "

2 Days Ago

togo replied to the thread Ultracapacitors again.
" "decreases their capacity?" how so? "

2 Days Ago

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2 Days Ago

aggrc replied to the thread KwSAKI Mk1 (Ex 500).
" Thank you! It took alot of hard work but it came out pretty good. Id like to thank everyone on the forum for their help along the way. "

4 Days Ago

markS replied to the thread ElMoto for Berlin.
" hi
thanks to Flo I advanced quite well in finding the components for my build.
I decided to go with a QS/8KW Hubmotor and KLS7275H, donor bike will be a Yamaha TT600.
The battery question almost killed my project. Then I found a scrapper in NL who sells NissanLeaf Modules, GEN3 approx 180€ per module, GEN2 approx 90€
The thing is, he will not sell 6 GEN3 Modules (thats what I need), he wants to sell the whole package.
So I am looking for builders in EU who want to share a complete Package.
Also, if anybody is interested in ordering from QS, I found a non costy way for shipping, almost zero ;-)
We could team up and place orders. PM me if interested
mark "

1 Week Ago

Stevo replied to the thread EV conversion to a 1950's French lightweight motorcycle: advice please.
Quote Originally Posted by FilipK View Post
Hi guys,

I am looking at a similar conversion, but the issue I am coming across is that all e-bike conversion kits are suitable for 20-26" wheels, but I'd like to do 19" wheel.

Is it possible to assemble such hub motor to a custom 19" wheel? What issues would I come across?


My thoughts are that you wont be able to get the right sized spokes to lace the wheel. I've laced a few wheels in my day, but I haven't played with hub motors at all. "

1 Week Ago

Warren replied to the thread EV conversion to a 1950's French lightweight motorcycle: advice please.
" One of the things you may want to do with these motorized bicycles is run bicycle tires. At 35 mph the Crr has a big effect on range, and bicycle tires are fine at these speeds. Big, fat road bicycle tires, the type used for touring, commuting, or bicycle freestyle have a coefficient of rolling resistance (Crr) of about 0.005. The lowest rolling resistance moped, or light motorbike tires have a Crr of 0.015 at bicycle tire pressures of 55-65 psi, and about 0.020 at 30-40 psi. I personally have put 58K miles on electric assist bikes very similar to the weight and speed of the bikes you are talking about, with no suspension. I am 160 pounds in riding gear, and my bike is 130 pounds before adding tools, etc. I am getting 4,500 miles on a 2.4" wide rear tire with a 20 pound hub motor, and 50% more on the front tire. With suspension you should be able to do least as well. "

1 Week Ago

MrModify created the thread Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE conversion.
" Hi to all of you - I am new to this blog. Busy converting an Aprilia RS125 2-STROKE to electric. Have slung a QS Motor 34kW hub-mounted motor in the swingarm. Beast of a motor but I am struggling to find a matching controller. Burnt out 2 Kelly KLS 8080I 400A controllers already. Both failed to cut back on high temperature and / or shut down completely on over temperature. I now have an APT96600 controller. Anybody tried this combo? Help "

1 Week Ago

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