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Richard230 created the thread EV federal car tax rebate may be axed.
" According to an article in my newspaper today, the federal EV tax credit, which apparently already doesn't apply to motorcycles, is on the chopping block. The $7,500 EV car credit remains in the Senate version of the new tax bill, but the House version nixes it. So now it will be up to the "conference committee" to decide whether you can take the credit next year or not. If not, as the article mentioned, a lot of people will likely decide that buying an EV car is just too expensive and go with IC, instead. Stay tuned. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Dashboard Suggestions.
" I found this thread about an RFID switch https://endless-sphere.com/forums/vi...FID+key+switch

It really isn't much different than having a key switch, and just one more electronic component to break and leave you stranded on the side of the road, IMHO. I may decide to keep a key switch just for theft deterent, even though it could be easily bypassed by a thief with half a brain. "

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Stevo replied to the thread Custom Vetrix build.
" It reminds me of WWII fighter planes. Very cool look. I likey!! "

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frodus replied to the thread Dashboard Suggestions.
" Maybe the Clearview Display from Sevcon?

or look into OVMS and this Sevcon implementation:

If you know the Canopen protocol, the Sevcon supports it, and you could code a microcontroller/CAN tranciever to "convert" those over to OBD-II parameters that could be read from something like Torque for android. "

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Stevo created the thread Dashboard Suggestions.
" Hello Everyone,
I wanted to start a specific thread on dashboard design that may help other builders in the future. When Lookie-Lous come up to check out your conversion in a public parking lot, one of the first places they spy is your dashboard. We should make them functional, but they should be impressive also!
In 2018 I am upgrading my electric dirtbike that I built with a ME1003/AXE7245 combo to a
a ME1616/Sevcon gen4sz6 combo.

I wanted to start this thread on dashboard design also because this is where I need the most help. This will be such a huge and expensive upgrade, I want the dashboard to be as advanced as I can make it, within my abilities.
Right now, the dash consists of a Cycle Analyst, a key switch, an amber led turn indicator, and an aux fan switch.
Simple and basic, gets the job done.
I want to redo the entire dash assembly. I will probably keep the CycleAnalyst, but I would like to ditch the key switch and incorporate a small waterproof rugged tablet like this:https://www.walmart.com/ip/WinBridge...&wl13=&veh=sem
My thought was that the tablet could be the secure interface with the SevCon controller, as well as gps and/or other basic dash info like speedometer/odometer (although CycleAnalyst already does that). I hope somebody here on this forum can help me with ideas, experience, and how to's to get this configured and functional. Hopefully, this thread will become valuable to other forum members.
Thank you in advance! "

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Richard230 created the thread Custom Vetrix build.
" This is an interesting custom build using a Vectrix chassis: https://electricmotorcycles.news/sam...trix-platform/ "

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flo replied to the thread Sachs xtc 125 conversion.
" Hi,
just to proof that CAD files being correct i made a mockup of cheap plywood (my home-improvement store has a cut-off pieces corner which i usually check - so this is like 4 Dollar worth of wood)
And , tada , it does.
Pics being a bit on the dark but once i will notch the fairing in its lower front face a tiny bit the two halves will meet easylie - even allowing enough space for cables.
Motor, so it seems needs to come up a little higher and, of course it needs to get further back into the structure but atm. a tiny bracket on the motor interferes with a tiny bracket on the bike - which will have to go - shame i really wanted to use these..
Also the cutout for the black cover on the motor is not needet on the left plate. making the motormount much more easy to attache to this.

More good news:

Kelly got back to me and, to my surprise they will exchange the controller - I must say i cannot be more happy with their customer support.


Attachment 7455Attachment 7456Attachment 7457Attachment 7458 "

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andy replied to the thread A series of questions to get me going..
" no money coming up to Christmas, but I've got the bug again so I'm remaking the controller plate higher up so batteries can be lower.
I'm also considering a 20s1p pack using these guys (sometime in the coming year).
not much range but at least ill be moving.

pics of new controller plate template to follow. "

2 Days Ago

frodus replied to the thread Group Buy: Sevcon Gen4 Size 6, DeltaQ, contactors.
" I can now supply the following motors with this group buy.
ME1507 - $1000
ME1616 - $1100
ME1302 - $800
ME1304 - $800 "

2 Days Ago

frodus replied to the thread FS: 2013 Brammo Empulse R.
Quote Originally Posted by Spaceweasel View Post
The question is, what will you change your picture to?
Probably my old eVFR motorcycle I build in 2007/2008.

I'll still be running my business, and be on the forums. "

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Spaceweasel replied to the thread FS: 2013 Brammo Empulse R.
Quote Originally Posted by frodus View Post
For sale is my 2013 Brammo Empulse R.
The question is, what will you change your picture to? "

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Duck-Stew replied to the thread Greetings from North Wales (UK).
" Welcome Rob. I found myself in similar situation last year. My project is starting to get off the ground now as I have a controller on the way (Sevcon Gen 4 / Size 6). The build (or RE-build) is a 2010 Zero S. Also check out the endless-sphere forum. Lots of good info and good people there too. Some of the electric bicycle parts and a lot of the theory directly cross over. "

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frodus created the thread FS: 2013 Brammo Empulse R.
" For sale is my 2013 Brammo Empulse R. Iím selling to make room for my Tesla Model 3 delivery in 2018. Iíve had a great time with this bike and it has been a blast to ride. Thereís absolutely nothing wrong with it and still rides like it was new. Iíve had any recalls and scheduled maintenance done on the bike.

The R version is the ďRacingĒ version with a higher output than the stock motor (54HP). Also included with the R, is a Sachs rear shock and Marzocchi front forks, Brembo brakes and lightweight Marchesini wheels. The bike has a 6-speed transmission (I usually start in 2nd, as it still has a ton of torque). Iíve added rear swingarm spool sliders, frame sliders, ďtankĒ pad and bar ends. I recently installed a hard to find rear luggage rack and Givi top-case that has worked great for storage and secures my helmet when parked.

The bike has a range of up to 121 miles city driving in Normal mode. At higher speeds, Iíve gotten between 60 and 80 miles to a charge at freeway speeds in Sport Mode. The bike can charge from any L1 or L2 J1772 EVSE (EV Charging Station). Iíll include a home-charging station that plugs into the wall (120V) and charges the bike a receptacle on the ďtankĒ.

The batteries on the bike are still under warranty (5 year from my purchase date in March 2013). The bike has 3,758 miles as of writing this ad. Tires have good tread and due to regenerative braking, the brakes are barely worn. Iíve had any recalls and scheduled maintenance done on the bike.

One thing that Iím including that no other Brammo or Victory Empulse would likely include, is the full authorized service laptop with various software and a IXXAT CAN dongle to plug into the bike for diagnostics and performance tuning. This is rare and hard to find or get your hands on. This is included with the purchase of the bike.

Asking $6000 and will give you everything Iíve got that came with the bike (manuals, spare mirrors, charging station, etc).

I also have a Xena lock and accessories and CRG Lane-splitter mirrors that can be purchased with the bike.

Here's a link to the ad on my website

Here are the 2013 Brammo Empulse R Specifications






http://excessive.engineering/wp-cont...2/DSCF9472.jpg "

3 Days Ago

Duck-Stew replied to the thread Group Buy: Sevcon Gen4 Size 6, DeltaQ, contactors.
" $$$ sent! Glad I got in on this deal. "

3 Days Ago

Killerwatt created the thread Greetings from North Wales (UK).
" Greetings electroheads.
I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Rob, I'm a lifelong biker, petrol head, but with interest in classic cars too. I have several classic bikes, a couple of classic cars and ride my 2002 Triumph Daytona 955i almost everyday, sadly its mostly to work.
As I'm in engineering, (Multi skilled) I've always done my own servicing and repairs, so the idea of building my own bike isn't too daunting. I did seriously consider building a diesel bike for economy , but there are a lot of problems to overcome and to be fair most of them are gutless.
So in the interests of seriously cutting down my commuting costs, I am now looking to build my own electric bike.
My daily commute is 50 miles to work and back, mostly motorway. I'm hoping that I be able to keep up with modern traffic. As it's early days, I don't yet have a plan , but I have nearly secured a bike ( a non running Suzuki 600) .
After taking careful measurements of where the drive sprocket sits, I will junk all the parts I don't need.
I have no real time frame as I have other projects to be getting on with too. I will be looking to this forum for ideas and information especially as regards the correct motor, controller, batteries and what turbo charger I should use. LOL.
Hope I will be able to contribute along the way. "

3 Days Ago

frodus replied to the thread Group Buy: Sevcon Gen4 Size 6, DeltaQ, contactors.
" You're welcome!

Everyone that contacted me should now have an invoice to pay. I will give a few days before I have to put the order in with my supplier. Please don't delay payment.

If you haven't contacted me and want in on this, do so ASAP.

Also, I will likely do this again, so don't hesitate to reach out regardless. "

3 Days Ago