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    Will It Wheelie, Zero SR/F

    Come at me Bro! Seriously, I challenge you to make bigger wheelies with the SR/F. let's go!

  2. Bullet Brake BB-01 For Zero, Energica and Harley Davidson

    We just received a package from Bullet Brake to test out their new parking brake for electric motorcycles. I am excited to test it out and give them and you feedback on it. This is something I have...
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    Finally, the Boom Moto Review!

    I totally forgot to post this here! So sorry, I uploaded it 2 weeks ago. The bikes were much better than I expected. Morgan and I would love to get some to toodle around the ranch on. They are no...
  4. Boom Moto actually delivering bikes

    Boom Moto uploaded a video about actual deliveries, this is super impressive. I personally saw a custom Orange bike with some Native American designs get picked up by a customer while Morgan and I...
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    A lot of these answers depend on your build. You...

    A lot of these answers depend on your build. You might want to consider one of the Boom Motos. They are not as polished as Zeros or Energicas, but they are 10kW hub motors with 6-9kwh batteries. and...
  6. We got to go to Boom Moto to ride, review, disassemble, and provide feedback

    The guys at Boom Moto seem like really genuine people and are already implementing some of the feedback we gave them. I have really high hopes for their product which is a Chinese / American teamwork...
  7. Boom Moto Wants me to Checkout out their Bikes

    So the company Boom Moto has requested I come out and give them some technical feedback on their bikes and give them some reviews. I am pretty excited. It looks like they have a range of bikes...
  8. Blog with some more data on HD livewire

    Morgan put in some time to go over our notes on the livewire charging algorithm in a condensed way to make it consumeable.

    HArley-Davidson LiveWire Blog about Charging
  9. Sam Baker, New Zeroland got a stinking petrol bike, I can't believe it!

    That jerk! I thought he was electric to the end! Actually if you watch to the end, you'll see that I am totally being over dramatic, but props to sam for getting a new bike!

    NewZeroland gets a new...
  10. OK, I'll see about setting up a quick chat about...

    OK, I'll see about setting up a quick chat about things with him.
  11. So HD and those companies had some unfortunate...

    So HD and those companies had some unfortunate business dealings where the smaller electric companies did not protect themselves, and ended up damaged to the point of death after trying to work with...
  12. It is possible. I don't have any insider...

    It is possible. I don't have any insider information right now. What I have gleaned through Morgan's research though, is that HDs EV team looks like it will be sticking around.

    Also, I believe the...
  13. Everyone will have their own cake, I enjoy very...

    Everyone will have their own cake, I enjoy very powerful bikes. The Harley qualifies as a very powerful bike. I unfortunately qualify as a poor person, so I can't have it.

    It is a good bike and...
  14. We made an in-depth Harley Davidson Live wire review

    It is super long, but I think the content makes it entertaining and full of good info for you all. It was A LOT of work!

    The youtube description has a table of contents so you can skip around if...
  15. Been a while, made something kinda cool!

    It works with cars too, but we started with the Energica. This page is just a pre-launch while we flesh out the rest of the campaign stuff.

    If anyone knows any investors that may be interested,...
  16. Started a new blog for real news and real bikes!

    Electric.Motorcycles is our new blog, it seems the articles are doing OK. https://www.electric.motorcycles/
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    This is sooo true for us as well. Especially...

    This is sooo true for us as well. Especially seeing the videos that the customers make and the cool things they do. Its just amazing and humbling.


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    Sorry dad :) Thanks, Dom is awesome! Thank...

    Sorry dad :)

    Thanks, Dom is awesome! Thank you for the words of encouragement! I really hope it goes well. So far atleast I feel like we did an OK job with the videos and writing. This sort of...
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    Our First indiegogo

    Just started an indiegogo for the DigiNow SuperCharger. Also added a DIY solution for some of us that want to test on toys or projects.

    Hope you like it.

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    FYI these do around 600 watts each so a total of...

    FYI these do around 600 watts each so a total of 5.4kW available
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    New Meanwell HLG 600H

    58v max adjustable can be hookedup in series and parallel 11-12A out each unit

    Imported a bunch of these a while back for projects and R&D on the SCv2 builds.

    I have 9 just sitting on the...
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    Looks like it is a server error (a 500) so the...

    Looks like it is a server error (a 500) so the site is still up and being hosted. If anyone knows how to get a hold of whomever owns it, I can probably help them with the issue.

    Seems the server...
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    electricmotorcycle forum down

    It seems the http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/ is down. Anybody else notice this?
  24. DigiNow Aftermarket parts now open for business with our first official products.

    You can see what is available for purchase now at the DigiNow aftermarket Store. We are not yet releasing the full line of products because we have some more work to do on them, but we are satisfied...
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    #3 What is the distance at which sound levels...

    What is the distance at which sound levels will be measured for, and where will they be measured from? <- serious question
    My bike is 90db from 3 feet while at speed naturally.

    Is this a...
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