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Thread: Parting out old Project - Motors-Charger-Motor Controller-Batteries : Make Offer!!

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    Parting out old Project - Motors-Charger-Motor Controller-Batteries : Make Offer!!

    I really just need to get these things out of my garage so make me an offer. I'm definitely willing to negotiate. Also you can email me directly at theFREElaker (at) gmail (dot) com if you want more direct communication. I have the original prices I paid for these things next to the item to give it scale, but shoot an offer my way.

    Things up for sale:

    1. Motor: Enertrac's Dual MHM602 dual hub motors 20KW continuous 40KW peak - $2,600
    HubMotors.jpgHub Motors Outside.jpg

    2. Controller: 1 Kelly KHB14601 144Volts (operational to 156V), 600Amps peak/250Amps continuous - $1,600

    3. Batteries: 37, 75Ah High Power LiNiMnCo Dow Kokam prismatic pouch cells - $6,400
    Batteries on the table.jpgIMG_9679.jpgIMG_4897.jpg

    4. Charger: Currentways 3kW Liquid-Cooled EV Battery Charger (112-225VDC) - $2,100
    current ways charger.jpg

    Here is the original build thread: http://elmoto.net/showthread.php?t=2965
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