Howdy folks. I want my garage space back and I'm selling my titled DR350 elmoto for basically the cost of parts (or perhaps even less).

It is a great bike. Any early bugs were worked out long ago. It has been solid- I have just over 3100 commuting miles on it now (~5000km). The pack has been babied with only 148 cycles (says the cycle analyst).

You can ride it away or use all the parts for your next big idea. My detailed elmoto build thread is around here somewhere, or you can just see it here:

Cheap! $1750. Most folks on elmoto are cheap bastards like me, so here's your chance! Even the charger is included (that's a couple hundred alone).

It's a package deal. No parting out.


p.s. I did upgrade the throttle to a Domino. The PB-6 should be banished from the earth for what it costs.