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Thread: Ben Nelson's Lecture on How To Build an Electric Motorcycle

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    Ben Nelson's Lecture on How To Build an Electric Motorcycle

    Doesn't get into a lot of the nitty gritty, but a good resource for somebody who is brand new to this hobby.


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    For those that didn't realize, Ben Nelson was in a Motorcycle accident (truck turned in front).

    If anyone can maybe donate a few to help, I know he'd appreciate it:

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    oh geez, that sucks.....yeah, I've watched a few of his youtubes

    I was just reading stuff from the "Hurt” study

    ...not to use what happened to Ben as a springboard; but I think as riders we should all be very aware of how this does typically happen

    and seriously, if one person comes up to me and says "you'r goona get run over on that little eBike cause its quiet, Loud Pipes Save Lifes" I think I'll puke
    ...as I was on a very loud motorcycle, right beside the driver that hit me; my aftermarket exhaust on the same side as the driver, maybe 4 to 6 feet away from his head, revving hard to shift from 1st to 2nd, and it didn't make any difference....sure big loud HD's scare the crap out of some people and dogs, but they have no effect on the type of drivers that will make a clueless mistake and not be watching for motorcycles and bikes

    what happened to Ben really is all too common for how riders get hit...if you read thru that 'Summary Of Findings' of the Hurt study you will find so many important details to watch out for....as the statistics make it very clear what is happening
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