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Thread: Nutshock V2.0 - Electric R6 Build

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    That would make a noticeable difference in handling, removing the rear disc and brake calliper would remove that unsprung weight, should improve handling quite a bit I would think.
    Rear shock static sag should be around 3/4" (get someone to help you with a tape measure or yard stick, pull up on the rear of the bike, and measure the sag when you let go.)
    Then, take the measurement of the rear end as it sits without a rider, and then with you sitting on it (full weight, feet on footpegs/hands on handlebars, kickstand up). Thats race sag. That's your baseline. But don't measure this until you dial in the static sag to 3/4".

    How much lighter is the bike from stock?
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    As promised here are some pictures.

    Overview of the bike as it sits. You can see my front fairing with the R6 touring windscreen which works quite well. The silver box in the front is my current battery assembly. The black box holds the contactor, fuse, and shunt. It also serves as the connection point for the charger leads.

    And yes I know it needs a paint job to make it all pretty and stuff.

    Here you can see the controller tucked up in the tank just above the batteries. Gets plenty of air flow through the front.

    Here is the new regen setup. I wanted to use a nice master cylinder and lever, but it wouldn't clear my front stay and fairing when turning the bars. I have an extra Kawi ZX14 left handle master cylinder and shorty lever if anyone is interested. $60

    View of the motor. I machined the rear motor and am running 420 chain.

    Battery close up

    Chargers under the front seat

    Charging cable under the rear seat. Super easy to pull out and plug in

    Let me know if anyone wants any other particular pictures
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