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Thread: Biista electric motorcycle

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    Biista electric motorcycle

    And here is another new electric motorcycle: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/Ne...earing-launch/

    They are springing up like weeks.

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    I am sorry, but they do not appeal to me. (I wanted to say "Daft", but
    did not want to upset anyone)

    They look like they are made of the siding on my shed.
    I would like to see one without the cover.
    I gather they are targeted for a City market with a top speed of 60.
    A side wind may be an issue as I have ridden similarly solid wheeled bikes.
    They get hairy on a blustery day.

    No mention of price.
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    Still waiting for a FF recumbent. I see that Thad Wolff, of Moto Electra, rode a Gurney Alligator to the Quail meet.



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