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Thread: Long Distance Traveling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard230 View Post
    How about a 1700 mile trip on a Zero? http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/b...p?topic=2212.0
    Yep, no need for a generator, just charge up at charging stations and Nissan dealerships.
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    Thanks Richard and Bill for the support. Yes I tend to agree since I have done a bunch of long trips now, and I too was at one time thinking the gas generator route, but I realized that was silly and defeated the purpose of having an electric vehicle to begin with. Plus using a gas generator, unless you brought along a 200 pound, 4000 watt generator, would just take forever.

    The charging stations put out 7200 watts and most are free and they are everywhere! The key is carrying the chargers with you. Most lithium these days can handle a rather large C rating, so the problem of not being able to go long distances is now over. Just charge faster on trips when needed, and charge slower at home to milk some extra life out of the batteries.


    More info on the 1700 mile trip here. Scroll back to June 2-5, 2012 on the timeline.
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    Thank You gasfreeearth - i think its awesome that you are out there pushing the limits, i hope to do the same thing soon...
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    Quote Originally Posted by EVcycle View Post
    This is not good enough?

    How long is that? 50m?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen_okc View Post
    Is it possible to pull a trailer with a generator mounted in it so the bike can run off the generator and batteries???
    Any suggestions...
    Not a strange idea because this is actually how all the long-range electric cars work! Car motor is fully driven by the batteries, and after 80-100 kilometers when the batteries are almost empty, a small generator will start to work to charge the batteries and extend the range till fuel is empty.

    Efficiency could still be OK, because the generator will work at it's most efficient RPM, while an ICE works often works outside the ideal RPM.

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